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Only yesterday it was revealed that K-Pop Star's second season winner, Akdong Musician, made their long-awaited choice among the Big 3 entertainment companies, going with YG Entertainment and, according to allkpop, making the stating their reason towards their decision.
"We thought that the place that could support our music the best is YG... We want to make even better music in a good environment."

Though I was somewhat flabbergasted with their choice (I, the biggest Akdong fan out there, really thought they would have been hipsters and chosen a smaller company like LOEN or Nega Network which felt their styles more suitably), I kind of had a theory towards the reason of their decision, all three companies having their own flavor but YG showing the most promising future because of what happened to 'Monster Rookie' Lee Hi, the second runner-up of K-Pop Star season 1 as compared to 15&'s Park Jimin, the winner of K-Pop Star Season 1. However, after reading a comment on netizenbuzz,
3. [+77, -3] Honestly, they didn't have much of a choice. Either go with SM, who views all of their artists as money, or with JYP, who views all of their artists as mini JYPs. YG was the realistic choice.
 I began to think to myself, did Akdong Musician even much of choice? Sure, Lee Hi immediately skyrocketed after K-Pop Star whereas JYP Entertainment's Jimin had to wait almost a year until her comeback song Somebody to show the world what she really had, but then after I started evaluating all of the companies' pros & cons, it was basically my honest thought that it was either choosing YG or choosing a blurry and undetermined future.

SM Entertainment

-Great promotion
-Many of their artists are popular

-After they sucked all the money out of you, they either kick you to the curb to fend for yourself like TRAX and what's happening to Super Junior or fuck up your group they did like TVXQ, SHINHWA, CSJH, Fly to the Sky, etc.
-Would wax Akdong Musician down to set for exhibition into their 'Star Museum' (basically, they'll lose their sheen)
-Possibly the worst working conditions out of the Big 3
-According to Park Ji Yoon, SM Entertainment is like a military school
-Looks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Talent. In their groups, maybe half have at least average talent but the rest are pure face.

JYP Entertainment
-Family-like atmosphere
-Your 'soul' is leveled high.
-Songs are usually pretty damn decent
-Many of their artists maybe aren't super famous, however, they still have notable popularity
-Their style probably best matches Akdong Musician in the Big 3

-JYP has been slacking for the past few years
-Many songs are Park Jinyoung's songs
-"JYP is like homeschooling where Park Jin Young teaches them as he pleases"
-After what happened to Wonder Girls, there's no telling what would've happen to Akdong if they signed with them

YG Entertainment
-If you think of it, most of their artists are popular or doing something. 
-Musical freedom
-"YG is an alternative school that emphasizes each student's individual colors"
-Possibly the best working conditions out of the Big 3
-Though I like Akdong Musician, they aren't the prettiest diamonds at the jewelry store. But with YG, needs looks when you have swag talent?
-It's raining money for their artists 

-Is anything on deadline anymore?
-YG-style them
-The promotion is pretty damn exclusive. I mean, I barely see their artists on shows

With YG, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons and being the best if not the only choice, Akdong Musician either having to choose between SM Entertainment which would most likely limit their musical freedom and compositions of original songs, JYP Entertainment which has been on the slump for the past few years and may or may not (I'm thinking may not) reclaim their status or YG Entertainment which... well, is none of those.

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