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Welcome to this week's weekly wrap-up!

Marriage/Couple News!
Congratulations to Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yong, who are set to tie the knot in July.

Seo Woo and In Kyo In have ended their relationship after a year.

 Sun, who is currently 4 months pregnant, is revealed to have returned back to Korea with her husband.

Andy (Shinhwa) revealed that Niel (Teen Top) was asked out by JYP girl group member 'S', in which (hilariously) San-E and Sohee both denied being the ones to ask him out.

Idol News
Yesung (Super Junior) recently enlisted in the military on May 6th. He enlisted in Jeonju, which is 3-4 hours away from Seoul. He wished to enlist quietly, and hence was not sent off by his fellow SJ members nor coworkers. Instead, he took off to twitter for a heartfelt goodbye message along with a selca to fans. 

Hyuna was recently hospitalised because of high fever. Fortunately, detailed examination results show that she's fine, and she will be discharged soon. Meanwhile, 4minute pre-recorded Inkigayo without her.

A photograph of Roy Kim holding hands with an unknown female has gone viral on the Internet, spreading speculations that he might be dating. His company, CJ E&M, has denied these dating rumors. 

Park Jung Ah is recovering from early stage of thyroid cancer. She has left Star Empire Entertainment to join WM Company.

Former Jewelry member Lee Ji Hyun revealed to be pregnant.

Actress Shin Se Kyung was revealed to have suffered an eye injury on the set of 'When a Man Loves'.

'A' has dropped her lawsuit against Park Si Hoo and his hoobae. In case if you have forgotten about the whole scandal, read more about it here.

Go Young Wook has appointed his original lawyer for appeal, and are currently preparing to fight the court sentencing. He was previously found guilty of all his charges of engaging sexual acts with minors and sexual assault.

Although A Cube Entertainment has previously announced that former member Yookyung had decided to leave after much thought to focus on her education, there have been much questioning about the truth of that statement. Recently, her father tweeted 2 controversial tweets, suggesting that Yookyung had indeed not left for her education.

Music Releases
Lee Hyori, the queen of KPOP, is back with music video for Misss Korea

2PM pre-release music video for 'Come Back When You Hear This Song' and music video for 'All Day I Think Of You'

N-SONIC makes comeback with 'Lie' music video
UV releases music video for ballad single 'Because of You' feat. Brown Eyed Soul's Sung Hoon
LC9 release music video for 'Mama Beat' ft. Ga In
Singer Kim Woo Joo returns with music video for 'Farewell Rain' ft. Han Groo
Yoo Seung Woo releases music video for 'Hello'
Nine Muses release music video for 'WILD'
Orange Caramel and 10cm release 'Hug Me' remake for 're;code' collaboration project
Kim Bo Kyung releases new single 'End Of Love'

Ongoing Comebacks and Debuts 
 Shinhwa with 'This Love'. This music video was revealed to be directed by the director of 'Gangnam Style' director, and will feature Fuji Mina (virtual Japanese wife of Lee Hongki on Global We Got Married).

Other upcoming comebacks

Seo In Young with 'Let's Break Up', Noel's Kang Kyun Sang with single 'Just Look At The Sky', Rookie boy group ATTACK with 'Hello Hello', Vibe with 'Getting To This Age', San E with 'Big Boy,Wonder Boyz with 'Tarzan', Swings with 'Would You?' ft. Seo In Guk

Speculated/Newly Confirmed Comebacks
 2NE1 might be making a comeback. In addition to YG vaguely teasing 'Who's Next', mysterious video teasers for '2NE1 Loves' have surfaced over the few days featuring the 4 members.

 Other speculated / newly announced comebacks
MBLAQ possibly making a comeback (Thunder goes hot pink!), Superstar K4's Jung Joon Young possibly preparing for solo debut, Peernine to officially debut with 'Wake up', Two Months' Kim Ye Rin to debut as a solo soon this June, Nell to make a comeback, Crayon Pop to make a comeback

Eyecandy of the Week - Idols off the stage 
Girl's Day Yura

Miss A's Fei

Miss A's Suzy

Girls Generations Taeyeon and Tiffany

Video of The Week
Psy recently released the making clip of the music video for 'Gentlemen'. Contrary to his psychotic and extremely un-gentlemanly behaviour in the music video, Psy was very mannered and respectful towards the people around him throughout the filming. Check out the making clip below:
In related news, Psy revealed that he is already hard at work for his next album. He recently also held a lecture with 800 students at Harvard, and has garnered attention for his sophistication in dealing with haters on screen, whereby he responded to Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong tweet.

That's all for this week's news and here's to a great week ahead!
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