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Climbing their way to the top of the female girl group tier, Girls' Day released their newest music video for Female President only a few hours ago, pushing farther towards their sexy concept first exhibited in their previous song, Expectation. If you haven't watched the 3 and a half minutes of Minah cleavage and asses popping out of too short clothing, watch it below:

The song
The song actually was more than I expected, them (especially Minah) showing off powerful vocals rather than the pre-sexy Girls' Day aegyo voices. Although this song isn't as catchy as Twinkle Twinkle, the song wasn't half-bad.... In fact, this is probably one of my favorite Girls' Day comeback songs despite my previous doubts.

The negative about this song however, are the lyrics. I was honestly expecting a bit more empowering song meaning (being that the song is entitled Female President) than just an encouragement for girls to make the first move and kiss a guy. Likewise, this song basically had nothing to do with being a female president other than the one measly line:
Our country has a female president
followed by:
Why so serious? What’s the problem? If a girl kisses first, she gets arrested or what? 
I mean, sure, it's somewhat aiming towards give-girls-more-of-a-voice-in-the-male-dominated-society-of-South-Korea, but couldn't they pull a Brown Eyed Girls (the kiss was already like Brown Eyed Girls' song Abracadabra) and have a comeback song with great vocals, great visuals and a great, empowering message? Was that too hard?

The Music Video
Though they did stay in a box without much story-line, the music video was still pretty interesting and kept my attention. Yes, there were parts that made me look at the screen thinking "WTF" like Yura's dress that obviously didn't fit properly, hence, her ass hanging out of her dress, but there were parts other parts that were extremely fun like dancing in their blue outfits, the music video overall leaving me satisfied.

The Dance
The main dance was unexpected and really could have been substituted for a different one. Although they were shaking their butts for the camera, it wasn't at all... sexy. In fact, it's kind of awkward to watch.

Nevertheless, the rest of the dance is alright, some of the choreographed moves being somewhat powerful, the small salute as well as the marching outward being prime examples.

To Sum It All Up
Girls' Day came back only a few hours ago with their repackaged album Female President. Though titled female president, which makes one think of a more empowering and tough song, Girls' Day instead only subtly empowered women to make the first kiss. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a good song and a good music video to accompany it, Female President is definitely for you.

What do you think of Female President?

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  1. yellowslugreviewsJune 28, 2013 at 11:48 PM

    You pretty much summed up everything I liked about it (and the tiny reservations I had with the title). I think it's my favorite song of the year so far and Girl's Day keeps on validating my stanning since "Don't Forget Me".

  2. I liked it a lot - though not as much as "Expectation".

  3. I liked the song I found it very catchy and one of those songs you don't mind hearing over and over, I appreciate the message of the song encouraging girls to take the initiative in a relationship. the video I found on the other had to be a flop. parts of the choreography was good. I actually liked the circle lenses, my main complaint is the over the top sexualization. the video starts with silhouettes of the girls stripping down, followed by ridiculously short dresses, numerous close up ass shots. faux lesbian kisses. I understand the girls are a little bit older now and the producers want that sex factor, but this is just too far in the opposite direction from their origins. it's far more demeaning to Girls Day then empowering. it reeks of a cheap ploy by management to gain a lot of youtube views. which is soooo sad because these are actually very talented artists.

  4. Extremely understandable. Especially Yura's supposed one-piece tights and the kinda unneeded kiss... I think the video could have been filmed and directed a completely different way.

  5. i agree the video could have been made to be more fitting to the theme of the song

    hhaha, anyways, Yura's dress was the most memorable portion of the video. Am sure everyone who saw it for the first time were like. .....wtffff??.... rewind!!!!


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