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Many SONEs in Singapore should have already found this out, but the officially brilliant truth still remains, that Girls' Generation will be making a stop in Singapore for their 2013 Girls' Generation World Tour - Girls & Peace

Girls' Generation recently came to Singapore for the '2013 Asia Style Collection in Singapore', and to all the excitement of fans there came 2 photos posted on Instagram by GG members Taeyeon and Yuri coupled with the revealing of the most wonderful exhilarating marvelous shocking astonishing unbelievable spectacular fabulous bewildering extraordinary piece of news. 
"GGtour!!! Singapore♥just wait for October♥ #earlyOctober"

"See u soon.. #Singapore #ILikeSingapore" 

This will be the 2nd concert in history that GG puts up in Singapore following their last stop here for the 2011 Girls' Generation Tour on December 9 & 10 of 2011. Based on chronologically logical deduction (and all the fancams on youtube of the Girls & Peace concert that has already taken place in Seoul), GG will be performing many more of their songs from their Japanese album Girls & Peace, Korean album I Got A Boy and from Taetiseo's album Twinkle. Several tracks from their album The Boys are performed as well! Definitely not to be missed out are their classics, like HootGee, GenieInto The New World, and more!

[More about Girls & Peace]
[Directly quoted from the following members at the press conference for the concert]
  • How do you feel having the world tour? Taeyeon: (All 9 of us) will keep running on without stopping. I think that will be one of the highlights of the concert. 
Why will they be 'running on without stopping'? The clip on tvN mentioned that 'This is because the over 2-hour concert comprises fully of Girls' Generation's singing and dance', meaning 'No guest performances, no (backup) dancers, a concert that only has Girls Generation'!
  • Why is the concert titled Girls&Peace? Tiffany: It carries the meaning of SNSD wanting to convey 'Peace' to the countries we haven't been able to visit and to the fans that we haven't been able to meet yet.

The exact date of the concert hasn't been released yet, but as Taeyeon has mentioned, it will be in early October. May this shocking piece of news keep all SONEs in Singapore hyped up for at least 3 more months!

Now, who's excited for their concert!

Photo Credits: for Instagram pictures, and for Girls & Peace photos

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  1. They'll schedule dates for New York and California, but that's probably all.

  2. Now, if only they came to America...


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