Posted by : KPopRanter June 10, 2013

Today, I was on Youtube doing pretty much nothing and found this video Let's Dance: Girl's Day(걸스데이)_Expect(기대해) sitting right there on my recommended videos sidebar, almost as if it was calling to me to click on it. 
And so I did, about to engross myself into the 6 minutes of 'splash dances' and black see-through shirts accompanied by red suspenders until I found this comment sitting mindlessly right in the open, leaving my eyes wide open and my brain unnecessarily thinking in the morning.

Now, I actually am a bit curious, what do girl groups do when they get their periods?
If you have a theory, comment below.

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  1. rochelle.bernard96June 12, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    They perform even if they do get them, I guess.

  2. They're called tampons, diva cups,and pantiliners, hello...

  3. do they even have periods...? considering the fact that they weigh like -2 lbs...

  4. true, but come on, half the time there wearing skimpy little outifts, like tiny white shorts or dresses. If they were on there period, despite tampons and pantyliners, theres always a chance of a leak, so i really doubt they actually perform on stage while on their period. they most likely take a pill to stop there flow for a few hours.

  5. I hate that periods are so taboo when every women (healthy women) gets them. Korean variety shows go into all sorts of personal things with idols, but everyone seems to act as though periods don't exist. Why should they have to pretend they dont get them when everyone does? Its normal. ahh i know i probably sound like such a pervert right now, but as a girl this really bothers me.

  6. Do you even know how bc pills work? They don't work instantly for a few hours lmfao You take them nonstop and they work for 3 months. And anyway, there are no leaks with most tampons and none AT ALL with the diva cup.


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