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With their most recent song, Give it to Me, SISTAR once again proved themselves worthy a top girl group position, successfully achieving a certified all-kill despite the mundaneness of the song while also receiving positive and encouraging netizen comments (wow, that's a first!).

1. [+41, -6] Compared to girl groups with big companies like KARA and T-ara, SISTAR has rarely ever done any media play and has managed to get to where they are now by remaining true to their singing and dancing. Although idol groups in general have fallen off compared to K-Pop's height 2-3 years ago, I'd easily consider SISTAR a top group 
4. [+33, -12] Let's go to the top, SISTAR!

While there are other groups that've been endlessly trying to reach the top of the tier, SISTAR has been the only group to actually get somewhat far... but why SISTAR? Why are they the only group that has been slaying charts while other groups such as SECRET, 4 Minute and even After School remain in the back, eating their dust? In addition, what's disabling them from over-throwing more popular groups like Girls' Generation and 2NE1 and claiming the title of nation's girl group?

The most obvious reason as to why SISTAR has crawled up the ladder is due to their absolutely great yet sneaky timing. By taking advantage of the time 2NE1 could have used (the year of 2012), SISTAR released their groundbreaking songs Alone and Lovin U, sending them straight to the top despite the meh-ness of their later releases like the sub-unit SISTAR19's Gone Not Around Any Longer and of course, their most recent song, Give It To Me. As a matter of fact, with almost every single SISTAR release to this day, there was a lack of worthy competition which enabled them to top charts effortlessly, the other mentioned groups unfortunately not using this prized strategy and having to compete with other groups for people's attention and chart-rankings.

But Why Not?
There's still two large roadblocks that block SISTAR's from becoming the number 1 girl group:
1. There's still groups that're above them. They have to surpass those groups first which is pretty damn hard because... 
2. they have a small and weak (yet growing!) fan base. Without a large fan base, there's really no telling what would happen if SISTAR attempted to pull a I Got a Boy or Baddest Female or maybe even got into a scandal like T-ara or SECRET's Hyosung entangled themselves in, SISTAR having to rely on the actual song rather than just themselves.

While SISTAR is far ahead the race, they still have a long way to go before they can be number 1. And though it's hard to take down the groups that are already in the lead, I'm positive that if SISTAR just had a little more support and a larger fan club, it'll be impossible for them to not reach the top in victory.

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  1. I'd say because Sistar made a name for themselves really. Secret could have been big but like you said bad strategy and timing.

  2. Sistar's success comes largely as a result of Hyorin's stand-out talent and the wise management decisions you mentioned.

    Not joining the Japanese gold rush that all the other mid-tier girl groups unwisely ventured into probably also helped them gain their edge in Korea.

  3. Exactly... not to mention the Hyosung scandal.

  4. I agree with the Japanese "gold rush" commentary. It's stupid for groups to start aiming for the Japanese market when they haven't even conciliated their position in the Korean market... especially now that Japan is getting more and more anti-Hallyu so it's harder to get famous there.


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