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We've all heard and seen it before it before, "[insert idol here] has a schedule, so they can't make it to the show", "[insert idol here] is so busy" and "[insert idol here] needs to rest". However, with mishaps like Lee Hyori's "sleepy selca" (if you're sleepy, why can't you sleep?), Big Bang's G-Dragon putting a Tired image up on his Instagram and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon being able to visit Disneyland out of all places and update her Instagram literally everyday with media of dogs, stuffed animals and of course, the popular 'brushing teeth' video, which are things that do require a lot of time, it makes you wonder do K-Pop Idols Really not Have Time on Their Hands?

Of course, I'm not an idol, but from what I see and assume, it seems like the answer is 'occasionally, yes, but most of the times, no'.
As reported by allkpop, KARA's Goo Hara took time out of her extra busy day to update fans with a quick selca while also tweeting:
"I'm bored,"
If idols even have the ability to be bored, spam us with selcas, post messages, buy lingerie and watch and download porn, then are they really that busy?

And with popular ways and evidence of wasting time such as:

     • Instagram
     • Twitter
     • The occasional Facebook account (ex. SeungriRoy Kim and Lee Michelle)
     • VINE, Line & Kakaotalk
     • Other sites like Weibo
     • On an episode of SBS Star Golden Bell, MBLAQ's Joon revealed SHINee's Jonghyun (while preparing the Lucifer album) hasn't been out of his dorm doing much for two months and of course, always had time to hang out with friends.
     • Tendency to gain weight after promotion
     • Going places like clubs during a promotion cyclesmassage parlors, baseball games and out and about with friends and lovers.
     • Even the ability to have friends, date, have performances where they're not about to claw their eyes out from fatigue and share stories of something they previously did.
     • Tiffany claiming she slept for 20 hours straight

it kind of shows idols have a lot of time on their hands. Of course, K-Pop Idols are busier than an average Joe like you and I, especially during promotion times when they look as if they can barely stand up on their own, but especially out of the promotion cycle, are they as time lacking as they make it out to be?

What do you think? Do idols really not have time on their hands all the time, sometimes have time to waste or is it all simply just a fib? Leave your comment below.

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  1. I imagine someone like Suzy has almost zero downtime. Some of her other groupmates? Plenty of free time. Min seems to be at a party every other night and Jia was just in America for over a month.

    Plus, once you get to a certain level, I don't think you spend as much time touring around the country doing all those music festivals. I remember the CEO of Girl's Day saying something about how they did like 50 shows in one month (in addition to any other activities). That's pretty brutal. You rarely see groups like SNSD/Kara/2NE1 at those types of shows because it's not worth their time unless it's a big event.

  2. True, Suzy has so many CF deals and other offers, I don't think she has enough time for anything other than that while the rest of her group, probably. I'd say other groups/members like SISTAR (though Hyorin is the most popular, she's not exactly a CF queen) probably, too.

    Exactly. Most groups (ex. B.A.P, Girls Day, etc.) that aren't EXACTLY nugus yet not exactly extremely popular do CFs and other things need them to build up fame but larger groups that already have a pretty good standing, probably not... likewise, nugu groups like A-BLE (I haven't heard about this group until I watched a B.A.P show where they starred on it) probably have a lot of freetime, too... since no one wants them.

  3. OfficialKARALoverJuly 27, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    well at least ask some of her fans..
    she's bored because she's waiting for her DSP service to arrive ...she has pictorial for magazine that day (Cosmo magazine)..and other activities and right after ...they go to japan.. and now she's reading movie or drama script .....

  4. LOL What the hell are you talking about?
    Every article that mentions KARA once doesn't mean we have to go blathering on about KARA.

  5. OfficialKARALoverJuly 28, 2013 at 6:44 AM

    But this is comment section ....most of the comment is not 100% on the main objective ..but im still on topic ... i just said the reason why she get bored LOL....

  6. That's far from the meaning of the article.

    "i just post the reason why she get bored which is ..its your Article introduction Goo HARA selca "im bored" LOL"

    How is that something you would know even though from what it looks like--you're a KARA fan?

    No one is asking the reason why she's bored, anywhere in the article... despite the mentioning of KARA's Goo Hara so please, leave that elsewhere. The comment section is actually for thoughtful, insightful and meaningful commentary through analysis of the article... not for bias and simple guesses (being that you're not Goo Hara, I'm sure) as to why she is bored when that's not the objective.

  7. OfficialKARALoverJuly 28, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    i know no one is asking ..but still a comment section ..unless you put some Heavy Rules to your site ..
    "should be 100% Specific" well i think i have to respect your blog ..well anyway ..sharing info(related to the content) is another thing in comment section....

  8. I mean, it's true that some of the bigger groups have more free time because they've already established a good amount of fame, but think of the times when they weren't as famous and barely got to sleep three-four hours a night? and additionally, i'd say that amount of amazing dance technique takes a lot of practice. I don't particularly think they're lying. After all, I'm actually really busy but I just so happen to be a procrastinator so I randomly spend my time posting meaningless comments on meaningless rants? :P

  9. So what you're saying is, Tiffany claiming:

    She slept for a full 20 hours one night.
    then a DIFFERENT time she's on camera saying that she barely has sleep and uses her free time for sleep

    ALL adds up?

    Not to mention, didn't Taeyeon or Sunny or something say that she has a lot of time? I can't remember clearly and am too lazy to look it up.

    Meaningless rant but you still clicked on it and read it.
    Doesn't add up either.


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