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The Man from Nowhere - 아저씨

Action, action and more action...
I myself would have never watched this movie if it wasn't for friend's recommendations, to be honest. When I hear the word 'action movie' my mind automatically thinks of Jackie Chan films... which I never really liked. However, within the first five or so minutes of this movie, I found myself enjoying it.

The plot is relatively simple and not to hard to follow although I had a few problems with concentrating on the actual movie (It's all Won Bin's fault!). Nevertheless, the main plot is about a girl who was kidnapped and Won Bin's character was trying to save her (somewhat like the American movie, Taken). There are a few side plots too in the movie, as well, however, you have to watch the film to know those details because I won't tell you.

The movie is rated R for obvious reasons, however, besides occasional profanities, and a bloodbath during the movie, it can be watched by mostly anyone without fearing nightmares... however, if you're a bit sensitive to bloody scenes, I suggest not watching the last 15 minutes and skip a little ahead (I didn't watch it but I heard things I just know I wouldn't be able to bear. My friends who watched it had a pretty pale face after that scene^^) if you're such scaredy-cats as we are.

All in all, I was impressed with the movie and the great actors. Won Bin portrayed his character perfectly and I bought everything he did! Kim SaeRon, who plays the kidnapped girl, was outstanding and is among one of the best actors, 13 years old out there (:

4 out of 5 stars for 'The Man from Nowhere'

CLICK HERE and give it a shot :D

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