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BESTie, a new group that debuted on July 11 has garnered quite a bit of attention, mainly due to the three formal members of EXID, Hyeyeon (AKA Dami), Yuji, and Haeryung, coming together to form this new group. They caught my attention while I was away on vacation last week and I’ve been considering what to say about them since then. I’ve watched the music video a couple of times and noticed something about the song that stood out to me: the lyrics. This is not a review of the music or the video, rather a close look at the lyrics.

Jo Kwon and Yoo Se Yoon break it down.
At first, I was reminded a little of Dal Shabet’s Be Ambitious, but as the song went on, the lyrics took a different direction. I personally found it to be the empowering song that Dal Shabet claimed Be Ambitious to be aiming for. They even literally spell out what they want when they sing “K-I-S-S kiss me now, c’mon!” because it is indicated that there is a slight hesitation at first but the girls make sure to let their partner know what they want. The lyrics continue to allude to how they are taking control of their sex lives and how they want to lead their partner to the next level. This is what Dal Shabet should have done with their lyrics instead of whining about how they want their partner to notice what they want rather than taking the initiative and declaring it

He either looks captivated or scared out of his mind.
However, the rap section seems to take things a little far with lyrics like “Hey baby listen boy. Stop trying to play lip service with me. Don’t try to run away. Don’t be absent minded.” While the rest of the lyrics seem to give off the vibe of taking charge, the rap seems more like forcing their hand. I would have to say that this is the only part that seems a little much but afterwards, the lyrics go back to the main theme of taking control of their current situation. On the other end, they could be telling their partner not to be shy about taking things further. Lyrics like these are always open to interpretation.

With the way that girl groups have recently attempted to empower their female fans with eye opening lyrics, BESTie has so far been the only group to come close to hitting the mark. Girls Day and Dal Shabet gave it a try but both attempts were rather weak. 

What do you think? Do you interpret this song as a means of empowerment or the other way around?

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  1. Ugh, I only watched the MV for the glorious choreography.

  2. Yep, the Choreography from this video is a gift of the Kpop gods!!!


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