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"Help! My oppar who is ever-so-perfect is going along with the most recent trend in K-Pop--suckish comeback songs!" "Help, My unnir who used to be the best at what she does is either getting the shaft and not being able to showcase her talents correctly, or is blatantly sucking at what she once could do before." "Help, My bias is starting to look more like a troll under a bridge than a human being!"

Whether it's one or the other, we have all been at that point in our lives--one of our biases aren't what they used to be. It could be their new haircut, their recent sex and dating scandal or their small yet offending slip of the tongue but any which way, you've started to realize that your bias who once used to be amazing... is starting to suck. Lucky for you, you have the handy-dandy idiot's guide to help you figure out what to do when this happens.

What you'll need:
      A bias
      [Optional] Tissues if you're emotional

Just relax, you'll get through this... eventually:

The struggle is real.

You don't like everyone's bias and everyone doesn't like your bias. Let's learn how to deal with it.

[Optional] Step 1a. U Mad, bro? Then take a deep breath.
Sometimes, people openly attack your bias which causes the 'my bias sucks!' thought to emerge in your mind and you to become infuriated. However, for ones who are getting trolled on, have you ever heard of the saying "don't feed the trolls"? Well, that applies here! I know... I know... you're pissed off someone doesn't like oppar but you have to realize sometimes that trolls will troll and you just have to accept that... and instead of getting butt hurt about it, why don't you just... calm down?

Step 1b. Reanalyze the situation.

There might be 2 reasons you notice your bias is starting to suck.

Reason A: Branching off of step 1a, sometimes, it's not really you who thinks the bias is starting to slack but it's actually people who continue to repeat it over and over which makes you start to believe it. If I had a penny for every time someone called Park Bom plastic, unable to be looked at or bad at singing, I would be swimming in dough. If I had a dime for every time some said HyunA was a slut, I would be living in a castle right now. And if I had a dollar for every time someone said Hyoyeon was ugly, I would undoubtedly be the richest mother fucker in the world. But even though I hate when people blurt out those kinds of things, I've gotten so used to it, I'm actually agreeing with a lot of them, joking about it and even reiterating in different situations. Weird, huh?

Reason B: It's you who notices first that your bias is starting to suck and there's a legit reason as to why you notice they're starting to suck. Maybe they're just too lazy to perform to the best of their ability... I mean, they've already crawled their way to the top, why continue trying to put on a show when they already have millions of fans wrapped around their fingers? Maybe they have been trained, styled or taught inappreciably and they sound like shit, look like shit and say a lot of shit... Or maybe, they've sucked from the beginning and you have been too high on your fangirl fairy dust to realize it until now. Whichever way you choose, just get ready to read step 3.

Step 2: Realize your bias actually might suck.
Your fanclub can lie to themselves, the media can lie to themselves... even the idols can lie to themselves! But you can't lie to yourself. Maybe they weren't cut out to have the position after all and just got in because of... well, looks? It's not really that uncommon in K-Pop nowadays. Your bias is sucking and it's nothing new!
Likewise, all idols can sing... but can they sing well? Probably not. Don't try to fight it.

Step 3: Accept it.
After realizing your bias isn't as perfect as they seem, just redo step 1 by taking a deep breath and finding a seat. Maybe watch a K-Drama or two to cool down after the acceptance.

Extra Things Probably You'll Need to Know
     Don't be an idiot fangirl and try to prove right the obviously wrong. If you're bias is untalented, they're untalented. Shut the fuck up.
         Before getting into a fanwar, just remember this: the love between you and your bias is one-sided.
         If worse comes to worst, finding a new bias isn't that hard.

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    1. My bias will never suck because Taeyeon will always be perfect.

    2. We all say that to ourselves about our bias but we all know they have flaws xD

    3. Park Bom has flaws, and I accept that. While she may not be the best dancer in 2NE1, I feel that she does have a nice singing voice. That's why she's my bias. I understand that others may not feel the same way, but I'm not going to force my opinion on other people. I feel that, especially in the K-Pop world, this is becoming more and more of a problem.
      A very interesting read. :)

    4. Or just take the easier, more common, 1-step process: blame it on the agency.

      Looks like shit? Agency stylists fucked them.
      Songs sucks? Agency gave them a shitty song.
      Voice cracks when singing live? Agency didn't give them enough rest.
      Image tarnished by some "scandal"? Agency didn't handle the PR correctly.

      Blaming someone other than your idol will make you feel better - even if it's just delusion.


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