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The question that every single K-Pop fan has to agree they've heard at least once in their K-Pop- loving lives is:
Who's your bias?

Whether it's a bias group, a bias within the group or the bias of all biases, every single time you answered the question, you replied confidently and proudly while knowing you knew your oppar(s) was much better than their oppar(s) because that is simply fact.
For anyone who knows me, you would know that B.A.P's Bang Yong Guk is my ultimate bias, me, worshiping his every move, listening to all of his original soundtracks that he releases through his soundcloud and collecting his hairs for my magical love potions loving his leadership qualities as he runs the six-member male group with not a single hair out of place. What I like about him is that, to me, he has visuals, talent, personality and the strong, leader position that keeps me biasing him, however for other people and their biases (wich r nawt as gret as mine!!!11), it can be a whole different story, them finding only one or two reasons they like their bias yet, that being more than enough.
Considering this, there are four apparent reasons as to why you would like your bias, and as said previously, the categories are visuals, talent, personality and position, the reason why you like your bias most likely falling in one of the possible them.

Visuals - Let's face it, we were all a bit shallow at least one time in our lives and chose our bias based solely off of looks and not even giving a second's hesitation to judge them off their personality, their talent or their position. Usually, it's the person who sticks out the most when you watch your first ever music video from the group, for example, the only blonde member or the one who gets the most camera time... but other times, you can bias someone for a long time then switch biases to another member... simply because the first one "wasn't pretty enough".

Talent - They can stand well, they can look good, but you still won't bias them solely off of visuals! They have to be talented, as well... I mean, they are singers and dancers! And just like the amazingly amazing singer Ivy said, 
“Whenever I see someone who can’t sing become a singer, I feel like they only became a singer because they want to be a celebrity.  If you can sing well, then be a singer.  If you can’t, don’t.”
and it's true! More than wanting the D, you want someone who actually D-serves (get it?) being in the group and can either carry a note or can dance as if they don't have bones, which is pretty understandable if you ask me.

Personality - A typical group always has their various personalities within it that can keep you wanting to watch more of their variety shows, interviews or performances. There's the funny and charismatic member who talks all the time, the shy member who avoids the camera at all cost, the Mother Teresa of the group who just wants world peace, the member(s) who have no talent yet are equally bad at variety and then there are the assholes--which for many people, if they sense that the idol is an asshole off camera by how they act on camera, they obviously don't bias the member. There's so many to choose from and honestly, the choice sometimes is hard as hell.

Position - I know people who are attracted to the leader of a group almost all the time, the maknae all the time (for example, our writer Jazmine) *cough* pedo *cough* and even positions like the main singer or main dancer... either because of the position itself or because of how well they hold the position. If a leader can't lead, is there a point in them being the leader? If a dancer can't dance, is there a point in being the dancer? And if a singer can't sing, is there a point in being the singer? Not really... that's why, it's understandable as to why people may bias someone over how well they hold the position rather than just possessing the position.

Finally, once you finally find that one person who is worthy of your love and your constantly exploding ovaries, whether it's because of their visuals, their talent, their personality, their position or the whole package, you bias them without a doubt. Of course, there are other things that can determine your bias choice, however, these being the most obvious ones and most likely the ones that made you choose your bias.

To conclude: readers, who's your bias and why do you bias them?

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  1. SHINeeGirlinSHINeeWorldJuly 3, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Onew is my bias (obviously) because he's adorable, a great singer and a hilarious to watch on shows XDD

  2. I would rank the bias 'reasons' you listed in the following order, most important to least: 1. Personality, 2. Visuals, 3. Talent. I don't really identify with the "Position" reason. My bias within each group is not usually the best-looking member, so that's why I put "visuals" behind personality. Talent comes into play, but it's less of a factor - unless they're extraordinarily talented like Hyorin.

    My #1 bias is IU because she ranks near the top in all three factors. Personality-wise, she is funny and adorkable and looks-wise, she is as cute as you can get. She also happens to be legitimately talented (singing, songwriting, playing the guitar, variety shows, etc.)

    Within groups, I tend to prefer the cute/outgoing/funny members over the ones that are simply "hot".

  3. I'm the exact same way. Personally, I prefer the members who are funny, outgoing and can either sing, rap or dance well over the visual members... in fact, usually, the visual is my least favorite member in the group.

  4. Sunggyu from INFINITE is my #1 bias. He has god-like vocals and an incredible range (check his Immortal Song 2 performances), he looks good (though I must say that among the members I find L and Woohyun the best-looking), he has a nice personality (though at first I thought he was annoying now I adore his dorkiness and narcissism0 and he does a great job as the leader. I really like his relationship with the members, he's like an old grandpa. XD He was the first one I ever liked among the Inpinit members.

    And INFINITE is actually my #1 bias group but among other groups my biases would be BTOB (I basically like all of the members, especially Sungjae, Ilhoon, Hyunsik and Minhyuk), BEAST(Junhyunf), SS501 (Heo Young Saeng), BAP (Daehyun and Yongguk), CNBlue(Yonghwa) and Eric Nam.

  5. My history with biases are usually weird. I chose Junsu 5 years ago because the rest of my gang chose the other 4 members already. Turns out he is still rockin' until now, and I see no reason to change biases. With Infinite, Sunggyu grabbed my attention first because I love people who can sing, but once I got sucked into the blackhole called variety shows, I don't have biases in Infinite. Or rather, I have 7 biases.

    I have extra affinity for rappers though. TOP, Junhyung, the blonde girl from 9muses (including Sera because Sera is forever glorious).... yeah. I see a pattern.

  6. Ailee, 'cause she has killer vocals,lived in the U.S.A, speaks english and is really cute but still seems down to earth.
    My history of biases is very long and unusual.
    Tiffany(snsd), Jessica (snsd), Sooyoung(snsd), Sunny(snsd), Yoona(snsd, anyone see a trend?), Seohyun(snsd), Hara(Kara),IU (IU), Suzy(Miss a ), Lee Seung Gi (still is), and now, Ailee.
    I definitely go for talent and personality more than looks. And being american or fluent in English doesn't hurt either. I usually either go for Singing or Acting but not dancing.
    The whole snsd thing is before I delved into the world of K-pop and refused to listen to anyone but snsd.

  7. D.O is my ultimate bias. It used to be CL but she's still my ultimate female bias so.


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