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No one ever thought that the most popular English K-Pop news site could dig themselves in a deeper hole than the one they've already lodged themselves in from the times they were found out of their disgusting, women-degrading past, their replacement of their previously perfect website layout with the glitchiest shit in the world including the lies that the maintenance would be only a few hours when it actually took days, and it's prior fallout with netizenbuzz where they unnecessarily put personal information of the netizenbuzz author online and caused ruckus in the Netizenbuzz Cult/Fanbase. 

...but we thought wrong. Allkpop screwed themselves up, releasing nudes of singer Ailee while CEO and founder of Allkpop, Johnny Noh used the excuse that the pictures would've gotten out, anyway, therefore, they had every right to upload them to the whole world.

Getting the nudes from Ailee's ex-boyfriend and current Allkpop douchebag Daniel Lee who, did I mention?, works really high up in the 6Theory business, tried to ruin Ailee's career for a quick buck while Allkpop tried to be the number 1 news site in the wurrrrld by getting never before seen and simply shocking photos of Ailee, yet both of their goals backfiring and fucking them both up in the end.

I know I shouldn't be saying this but I can kind of see both sides here. I mean, if I was trying my hardest to be a singer, or even less dramatic, just being myself, a female blogger, I'd know off the bat that at the least, I shouldn't send nude pictures of myself to a random as hell lingerie company let alone a boyfriend who, if I were to accomplish my dreams of being a singer, could release them to his friends, family or of course news sites. Aaaaand Allkpop is just a new site. They don't care for defamation, they care for mo' money. And you know what leads to mo' money? Mo' views.Getting this never-before-seen picture would lead to views inexplicable to Allkpop and would lead to mo' money in Johnny Noh's wallet. 

Buuuuuuuut the boyfriend is more at fault, in my opinion, his stupidity from not getting the hint from Dispatch (two thumbs up for Dispatch) when he tried to sell them to the news company yet getting turned down, greedily went to Allkpop deserves to get sued. Plus, if Dispatch knew the downsides and chose not to publish it, why didn't Allkpop hold back and do the same? Maybe cause it's ran by a bunch of childish jerks?

Whatever side that's chosen, we have to realize that well, everyone involved has some kind of blame to them. Daniel Lee for his greed, Allkpop for their pride and well, Ailee for her naivety... and that's a fact. But who's side do you think is the most to blame? Daniel Lee, Allkpop, or Ailee?

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  1. I think it's more of Allkpop and the ex-boyfriend's fault. Sure, Ailee did do nude shoots for a lingerie shoot only to go to her ex-boyfriend's hands. But I still think that in the end...She's the victim. Besides that, Ailee did a live stream with Allkpop during her promotion cycle. Don't you think it's odd that Allkpop can sit here and ask the girl to do a live stream with them, yet pull her under the rug when it came to this? And Allkpop had the balls to sit here and say that they wanted to give their viewers the truth. BULLSHIT!
    I get it what others are saying, freedom of the press. But freedom of the press isn't a valid excuse for what they've done. THEY knew what was going to happen if they posted those photos, yet still did it anyways. They are now costing a Ailee's career over something like this.
    They should of simply told the company what was going on a the time (in which they did), send the photos to the company, and let them handle it. NOT take it into their own hands.

  2. I totally agree! And Allkpop keeps saying that they kept telling the guy selling the pictures that it was wrong and blah blah blah. Ok we get it! You guys think it was wrong! Then how exactly did the pictures end up on the website? And what anonymous site are you claiming you got the pictures from when the next day you show us a conversation you had with a guy claiming he had the pictures and wanted to sell them to you?
    This whole thing really doesn't make any sense! They're just contradicting themselves with every post they make! Allkpop just needs to SHUT UP (just like the titel of one of Aille's songs) and go away!

  3. I'm just delighted akp's finally getting what they deserve. It's about time.

  4. I know right. I didn't really think about the conversation part though. Good observation! Ever since they've taken legal action I haven't been on their site since, and will not be. My talked about the scandal today with a friend and she said that they won't most likely shut down, but I highly doubt that though. After this I don't think they'll be able to recover.

  5. Well it's a bit late but I'm pretty sure it's mostly if not completely Ailee's own fault. I am friends with some of her acquaintances (i.e. people who went to the same church as her in the States, etc.), and the things they told me were rather consistent. The two main things that they thought of when they thought of Ailee were that she slept around a lot (with all the guys in church, apparently), and her personality was horrible (so basically she's a bitch either way). She should have seen this coming...

  6. Really? Wow, I though she had a pretty good personality judging from interviews etc...


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