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It's basically official--Wonder Girls is done. With their American advancement which took them from their reigning throne back in 2009, Sunye's wedding in 2012, her following pregnancy in 2013 as well as the indefinite hiatus it threw the five girls into, it seems like JYP Entertainment has dug the girls in a hole in which they have no way of getting out of. With the past editions of the Future of Idol Groups, I decoded and estimated the reigning time of the groups Girls' Generation and 2NE1 before they faced disbandment--this edition hitting the previous nation's girl group, Wonder Girls, hard and will be placing the five current members including Sunmi in order from greatest to least chance of staying in the limelight after disbandment. 

Sohee - The group's face and most popular member Sohee stands tall on the number one spot despite her short stature. She recently started up her acting career in the drama Rose Day... and it's actually kind of good. Although I wouldn't expect her to be a singer in the future, the probability of her dropping idoldom and picking up acting (the career she wanted all along, by the way. She said she joined JYP as an aspiring actress however, was coerced into being an idol) seems the highest out of all the Wonder Girls

Sunmi - Not exactly a Wonder Girl anymore, this dropout has once again became active in the industry... this time, as a soloist. Holding her solo debut with 24 Hours, Sunmi showed that despite her resigning from the group a few years back to pursue her "studies" (in a more recent interview revealed the real reason was the stress), she's still got 'it' in her... and that 'it' could be enough to let her be a successful soloist.

Yubin - Having some appearances in media while the indefinite hiatus is still going on, Yubin seems as if she could maybe stay in somewhat famous post-WG. I wouldn't see her as a singer, dancer... or even a rapper but, she could pull a Sohee and attempt acting. In fact, I feel as if she did actually try to act and proved, much like Sohee, that she was good at it or much less, even average, she could probably use that as a starting point while expanding and improving it bit by bit. 

Yenny - I had a bit of a struggle with Yeeun and Hyerim... but I found more of a reason to put Yeeun before Hyerim due to the possessing skills. Let's be honest--Yeeun's not the best at singing, dancing, rapping... or even looking good... but she does make songs. She may or may not be the same type of celeb after Wonder Girls (performing type) however, with this skill, it seems like if she worked more and more with music production and behind-the-scenes work, she could be a producer for companies in the future. 

Hyerim - Similar to Yenny, she's not the best at anything including visuals... however with her, she doesn't have, or at least I've never seen her demonstrate, huge skills that could maintain her fame even after disbandment. Not to mention, she's the newest member of Wonder Girls and has among the smallest fan base in the group... if anything, I'd see her emceeing but other than that, she's done for.

Sunye - Sunye, Sunye, Sunye. If she didn't get hitched so soon, she'd be among the top 3 wonder girls with the largest chance of success post-disbandment. She had a pretty decent singing voice, a pretty decent fan following and a pretty decent image as the benevolent  harmless and caring leader which could've kept her relevant... and even after the marriage, Sunye still had a chance of fame after Wonder Girls but she blew it--being that she put a bun in her oven, chose to stay in the group of youngsters who still had life left in them and push them in an indefinite hiatus while saying she'll do more missionary work in Haiti after her pregnancy to make people hate her. Even if she did want to go back (she seems like she doesn't), us netizens never forget and will bring this to her grave--the uncanny amount of spite she managed to pick up unshakable.  

As usual, I'd like to end with the group as a whole this time, not including ex-member Sunmi. These girls had a long run starting from their debut and their what-seems-to-be last track Like This. Rumored by supposed insiders, their contracts are set to expire sometime next year, and there's no telling what'll happen when the time comes, most of us preparing for the worst--they renew their contracts while Sunye keeps them on hiatus they disband. With their bad luck which started around four years ago, I'd expect one or maybe two at a stretch girls remaining famous while the rest meeting their doom. Likewise, I actually like Wonder Girls but they've been going downhill for the longest time now and their future is inevitably obvious. 

What's your take on Wonder Girls' future? Share your thoughts and opinions below, prophet!

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  1. Wonderfuls are still stuck in their deluded minds that Wonder Girls isn't gonna disband. If your a wonderful, regardless are not you like/hate sunye, WONDER GIRLS IS GOING TO DISBAND! You can't fix that, I can't fix that, no one can. Unless JYP finds another leader to lead the group (which I highly doubt) I don't see single brick of hope for the girls. Honestly, sunye NEEDS to leave the group. Not solely because of the hate (which is part of the reason), but because that's what's best for he and her family. She can't (or possibly can) take care of a baby AND be an idol at the same time. You can't have the best of both worlds. Therefore, it's better for her to leave the group. Get that into your head wonderfuls!

  2. sunye needs to clone herself. one to lead WG, one for her family life and one for her missionary work


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