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That is a tasty microphone.

A few years ago, Shitdon--oops, I mean Shindong, said something which can be summarized as so: Shindong thinks women should be skinny. If they're not, they're lazy, filthy hags and don't deserve a date from his supposedly stick self. To top it off, men have the ability to be fat fucks since if you think of women and men and compare them, there's an obvious double standard that should be law (the exact quote can be found here). 
Now to put the icing on the cake, Shitd--Shind--Shitfuckingddong (funny, ddong means shit in Korean), apparently spoke with B.A.P's Bang Yong Guk, my acclaimed bias and person I will marry, on a live broadcast, people spreading rumors about how the conversation went and from what I can see, it going something like this: 

Shindong: So, are you going to get double eyelids done? 
Meaning: I see your eyes are chinky as shit. Dafuq you gon' do about it? 

Bang Yong Guk: I have no intentions on going under the knife and getting surgery. 
Meaning: I am beautiful please stawp dis nonsenseu

Shindong: It's your mistake.
Meaning: You're ugly and should be plastic fantastic like me. 

Similar to the recent G-Dragon at KCON post, this "scenario" is actually not confirmed as of now, however, just a rumor. If it actually is true (I really wouldn't be surprised if Shindong did it being with what he said a few years ago), the Super Junior member was basically egging his guest to get work done on his face, pressuring him and giving him a disapproving answer when he said he didn't want to. 
Though, I could be blowing this out of proportion if this isn't true, if it is, Super Junior's Shindong truly has to realize that he's not invincible... in fact, his own stupid ass is building his own anti fanbase just with opening his mouth--his unappealing looks and hypocrisy making it less burdensome. Why he feels the need to point out and pick at other's flaws? I do not know, but before he gets shipped to the military with his good ol' talkative buddy Call-Suzy-Fat-Leeteuk, he should really get his cocky shit together and realize that not everyone tolerate this behavior anymore.

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  1. Oh did he? When will he realize that naturally awesome and beautiful people won't need man-made double eyelids [or stick-thin skeletal forms]; that beauty and awesome must first come from their inner peace? I have nothing against thin people, I envy them but I love my shape, but trying to shove EVERYONE into his small cup of physical expectations is getting old now.

  2. Sometimes he just give opinions without considering others' perspectives. In Beatles Code, there are also times when he interrupts a guest talking... It's kinda rude sometimes. I am not a Shindong hater, he's okay... but sometimes it's just getting out of hand...


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