Posted by : Kai Lin August 15, 2013

There isn't much to look forward to in the k-pop music scene this week, so I took this chance to reflect back on the 3 most recent music video releases by SM Town - the Chinese version of Trap by Henry featuring Taemin and Kyuhyun, as well as the Chinese and Korean versions of Growl by EXO. And I'm really kind of impressed by these music works as well as the direction that SM Town is seemingly veering towards. Especially with the bitter aftertaste of EXO's Wolf drama music video that has left us all hanging, and f(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum which does no justice to their talents, those 3 music videos have landed on my tongue as the sweetest of honey. 

The Korean version of Trap was released quite a while back, but I only got round to viewing it when the Chinese version was released. Trap isn't a powerful, take-on-the-world kind of SM release as compared to, say, The Boys by Girls Generation, but it could possibly be the best way to kick start Henry's solo career path. The way Henry is revealed through the music video, especially with the piano introduction and this image fitting him to the T (as per Seoulbeats), completely trapped me. The song itself really gets on to you fast, and with Taemin and Kyuhyun being so carefully yet appropriately incorporated into the song, the trio thoroughly shone throughout equally. After all the mumble jumble regarding ONLY13, I'm glad that SM is finally giving Henry a chance and in the most suitable of ways beyond Super Junior-M. 

But what impressed me even more would be Growl. I personally thought that this has got to be one of the best SM music videos in recent years yet. The song was neatly crafted, and the dance was phenomenal. It goes way beyond what any k-pop dance has ever produced, especially in terms of the novelty behind the group formations and the precision manifested in the subtleties - hat passing. Of course, there were several cute mistakes in the music video i.e. Kai dropping his hat in the Korean version and Sehun's foot being stepped on by a fellow member in the Chinese version. But the main point is that I really enjoy how SM is pushing the boundaries of k-pop dance choreography by experimenting on their resident versatile rookies EXO, and stretching them in impossible ways to pioneer in the industry. SM has clearly invested a lot of care into Growl (as well as Wolf), and their efforts mostly paid off. In the k-pop scene where groups are mostly cut out from the same dough, EXO is beginning to differentiate themselves greatly.

All in all, it is heartening how SM has given Henry and EXO the chance to rise up to make a name for themselves. It shows that SM doesn't have to rely on their established artists like Girls Generation to create waves in the music industry. Henry and EXO are highly capable as well. On another note, I do hope that SM helps to unleash f(x)'s potential even more as though they are winning in music shows and have made a name, I feel that f(x) is able to break even more boundaries than what they are doing now.  

What did you think of Trap and Growl? Do share your comments in the section below!

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  1. Yes, SM has I'm proved as if late but we will see how long that lasts. When they Release 4 or 5 good mv's in a row then I would say that they're back in the game.


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