Posted by : KimAngie August 14, 2013

Wow, so much scandal.
Recently, it has been all over the news that former Inkigayo emceeing partners IU and Lee Hyun Woo were spotted attending a late movie together. Wearing nothing but hats to 'cover' their identities and allowing very close shots of them together, they banally proved that it had been no other than the intention of just hanging out as friends.
"It is true that the two of them recently went out to watch a movie but other staff members were with them at the time. They are not dating so it is not necessary to explain it. They are not dating."

"The two became friends while emceeing together. They both happened to have time after their schedules so they met up for a movie. IU and Lee Hyun Woo are good friends. They also knew that photos were being taken of them. They were not on a date or anything like that."

Both IU and Lee's reps reported.

The more I see 'scandals' like these on the news, the more ridiculous it comes off as. Is the media really that slow that people resort to reporting evident cases like these? Can two people of the opposite sex not hang out as just friends, icons specifically, without it being all over the internet? I understand that they both are renowned and things like scandals are juicy, but when it comes off as patent as this – there is no juice to be squeezed out of it. The journalist themselves most likely enjoys a movie with a friend of the opposite sex, so try to bring out anything unnecessary out of things like this? Even the netizens were bored-- the netizens.

The only thing that was gotten out of this was superfluous bashing towards IU. And may I mention how IU received back-lash and hate while Lee Hyun Woo received nothing? Not saying he should-- not that any of them should- but what's up with the sexist stereotype in society, that if a girl hangs out with a guy she's considered a slut but the guy is not considered anything? Although technology may be rapidly advancing furthermore into the future, people themselves seem to be stuck in the 18th century.

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  1. I hate that about society. I have a male friend who I hang around and people thought that we were girlfriend and boyfriend. Like wtf, can two people not be close friends just because they are of the opposite sex? Apparently the media has nothing else to talk about these days besides butting into celebrities lives.

  2. I hate that about society. I have a male friend and every time we would be around each other people would act like we were girlfriend and boyfriend. Like wtf, can two people of the opposite sex not be close friends? It seems like the media these days have nothing better to do but butt into celebrities personal lives.

  3. Angel Michaela F. HermosisimaDecember 21, 2014 at 7:47 AM

    Yeah! You are right! They are humans too. They have to bond and have some fun sometimes with their friends! Is it a crime if they go to watch a movie together? Tss! I hate people who judge easily, and especially when they accused IU! IU is still a human and she's a girl for goodness sake! Please, respect her as a human!


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