Posted by : KimAngie August 10, 2013

You won me over.

The famous-for-variety group, ZE:A, has comeback exposing their renewed charisma, proving that variety isn't the only thing they're good at. Showcasing their title track for their newly released album, Illusion, these 9 boys secured their spot in the K-pop scene (and in my heart). They, who captivated the hearts of the public through television have shown that they're more than capable of making music that will enamor even those who aren't already. Boy, did they succeed. If you haven't yet, you may watch the video down below:

The boys sing their hearts out about a girl who seems to not notice the tremendous love they feel for her, and because of that, they feel like ghosts--which is what they portray in the video, making this a legitimate interpretation of the lyrics. As the boys creepily yet adoringly stare the girl down as she walks by, she seems to not even be aware that they exist--giving the entity that is love a physical form and depicting it themselves, the boys represent their love (that's like a ghost because she doesn't notice it) and feelings that the girl seems to ignore.

The Video: First off, I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not feeling the set very much. It seems like the recycled set of Teen Top's Crazy and Hyuna's Ice Cream music video, just different colors, semi-changed props, and the fake buildings pushed back to make a bit more space. Also, can someone do me a huge favor and ban the parked-in-one-space cars used in music videos from K-pop forever? They're so awkward and misfit, but I digress. I'm sorry but, I'm really holding back from spazzing at what I'm about to point out. Do you see this?

'Stay next to me only, can you?
The talks that I had only in my heart
The image of you in another man’s arms 
I can’t see it, I can’t allow it'

This part is sung in a room with a couch and a window at the back, and in that window is Kwanghee and the girl. Kwanghee is wearing a tux while the girl is holding a bouquet, do you see how well-executed and symbolic this part of the song is? Kwanghee plays the man that is sung about in this verse, the man that stole her away, and they're getting married--showcasing the image that they refuse to see (her getting married to someone else). You guys don't understand how much I'm holding back from spazzing. Can I just... can I just cry forever at how clever that was? And can I get a 'woot woot' on the outfits that looked like they totally belong to a 90's k-pop group during the empty set? Not to mention, Dongjun's do seems to resemble that as well. Hippity- hop, dawg.


The Song: Although the song felt like something that belonged to Infinite, it was still an impressive ZE:A release. The song itself gave me goosebumps due to how glorious and sublime it sounds, especially at the chorus. With the bass 'like a ghost' during the second verse and monk-like chanting during the ad lib, it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. The lyrics are nothing out of this world, but went well with the tune itself.

The Dance: May I just say I'm totally digging the dance? Especially when they put their palms against an invisible wall while semi-bouncing side to side during chorus(where they introduce the hook),what attracts me is that they bounce along to the beat which just matched so perfectly to the part. Maybe it represents the wall that the girl put between them and the bouncing represents them trying to find a way through? Call me weird, but I really dig that move. Although simple and surely not the most creative thing out there, I believe it went well with the song. Its simplicity was enough to attract me.

When they released Pheonix, I was somewhat into them-- but this song surely won me over. 

What do you think?
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  1. Yea I agree their previous releases interested me but damn I really like this song!!especially the chorus when they say "make me feel alive". I also like how this song has an orchistra feel to it because of the deep chanting and the violins etc. overall for me the song is a total win but the video I'm kind of on the fence on.

  2. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 10, 2013 at 12:14 PM

    Agree, I wish they went with a different set. But it's ok, it's the song that matters.

  3. I was very happy with this release. My prayers were answered. Now I can stalk these kids without feeling guilty of not liking their songs. My complains would be too much Hyungsik and too less Dongjun and the rest of the cuties. And the highlights would be Dongjun's glorious flippy hair and the ghostly chanting you mentioned.


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