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YG Entertainment has been gearing up for the new survival competition since what seems like when I was still in my mother's womb, now, just releasing the first episode to the ten episode series on the Internet and television for the whole world to see. Simply a day after the first episode was released, he competition show already started to stir controversy, this time, with the professional choreographer J Blaze
According to his Twitter, he's "pissed", cool with them "using the choreography" however, not with them "not asking permission" first, YG Entertainment still having yet to reply to the outburst. 

Johnny Erasme
Hello @ygent_official. Im JBlaze and IM PISSED !!! THE F*CK IS THIS ???!!!! 

Johnny Erasme

Now, around the interweb, numerous people are apparently clawing at YG Entertainment's unprofessional-ism and demand an apology, never giving a second's hesitation or research as to South Korean customs on these kinds of things. Popular YouTubing couple, Simon and Martina released a TL;DR video not even that long ago explaining the customs of intellectual property and copyright and how it's handled in the country. 

To summarize, they explained that South Korean companies typically don't ask and simply just go ahead and do for things when pertaining to song usage, video usage and of course, choreography usage. In fact, they even noted that they themselves were victims of it when they were asked to appear on a South Korean show, refused the offer and were ripped off without warning, permission or even a heads-up by a supposedly really popular television station, their videos pouring out for the world to see because hey, it's common. So am I going to blame YG for this? Not at all. So many companies do things like this whether it's "legal" or not--SM Entertainment known for their love of buying off songs, JYP Entertainment's composer Jinyoung in hot waters recently and getting sued for track plagiarism--so why is it so "big" now? Not to mention: 

1. It's a cover... and not even the whole song... not whatever the fuck Purplay was doing where they literally just ripped off a whole dance for their original shitty track. 
2. I heard (didn't confirm it) that the guy was put in the credits so at least he wasn't completely forgotten and excluded, right? 

However, I'm not condoning plagiarism. In fact, I think the South Korean customs of ripping off Nike logos, Angelina Jolie pictures and excerpts of popular American pop songs that are thousands of dollars a pop is absurd. Sure, you haven't been caught now but who's to say there isn't another J-Blaze? Who's to say your whack ass doesn't get sued tomorrow? Really, who? These companies can have all the power in their country but up against companies of artists' like Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Lady Gaga who I'm sure they've swiped something from, they drop down to powerless. To conclude, South Korean television permits stuff like this to happen all the time... it's understandable for J-Blaze to get pissed for seeing this but it's actually not as cruel and immoral as seems since well, it's the way their country goes so who am I to judge? Regardless, I hope with this, South Korean entertainment can grow and realize that it might not be the best idea to use 'that' song or 'that' dance this time... or at least use it after getting the okay.

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