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We all know KCON2013 is going on right now in Los Angeles, California, starting on Saturday, August 24th and the last day being the next, Sunday, August 25th, numerous established artists like f(x), 2AM, Henry Lau, Dynamic Duo... and of course, G-Dragon and EXO appearing there to show their support for the success of the Hallyu Wave here in the United States. To make the long story absolutely short, a wild Big Bang's G-Dragon appeared, shy as ever, to be interviewed, and let's say people were throwing out questions and it went something like this, interpretation included:

Questioner: "What's your favorite rookie group?"

Meaning: This bitch better say my EXOppars or imma get Seungri to towel whoop his ass.

G-Dragon: ...

Meaning: Quick, let me think of that one shitty rookie group with like 50 members who's performing here, too


Meaning: Ah, got it just in time.

*insert gullible fangirl whale screeches*

Questioner: "Who's your bias in EXO?" 

Meaning: G-Dragon likes EXO omomomomo! That means my oppars r super famoos n r srsly getting up in the world! He probably has a favorite! I bet it's Kris!

G-Dragon: ...

Meaning: I barely even remembered those shit's group name, how the fuck will I ge--Screw it, let me wing it so I can get more weed out back.

"My favorite member in EXO is Baro who sings the high note in Bad Man"

If this were to actually happen, he just insulted three fandoms in one sentence. In his hypothetical defense, the EXOtics were fishing hardcore for answers that made their oppars look good.

And if you haven't noticed since you're whack ass and have been living under a bridge for the past few years, there are three mistakes in this shitastic sentence that I simply can't help but laugh at:

1. Baro is not in EXO.
2. Baro is not a singer, either, so doesn't sing any high notes.
3. B.A.P sung Bad Man.

While many EXOtics are flamboyant and ecstatic around social networking sites, I'm really wondering at what extent can you even take this seriously--I mean, if he can't name a member he has to at least match a song up correctly, right? But nope, he's G-Dragon, so a quick lesson to you kids of the internet, if you ever become a global superstar:

-If you fuck shit up, fuck it up the right way

By the way, don't take this too seriously. This is more of a hypothetical situation for some comedic relief and to show what not to do during an interview on both ends.

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  1. Someone on twitter made that up though. He only said that he was looking forward to seeing EXO. There was no mention of anything else. The video is circulating around for you to see.

  2. LOL that was freaking hilarious! But I'm still kinda confused. Did he really say that he liked Baro's high note in Bad Man or was that part of the hypothetical situation?

  3. That was part of the hypothetical situation. The whole script wasn't real. It does sound a little like it was serious though haha.


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