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It hasn't been long since the release of their wonderfully amazing song, Destiny (*cough*and L's dating scandal*cough*) but in the extremely fast paced world of Kpop, it may have felt like an Infinite-ly long amount of time since their last comeback to their fans. Finally *sarcasm*, Infinite has returned with a commercial/music video for their latest song, Request. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!

The Video

Theme/Story: First thing's first: I'm confused as to the nature of this video. Is it just a music video with very heavy product placement or is it a commercial for Samsung Galaxy products. It says it's a music video but is it really? All throughout the video, I see the Samsung Note 3
I hereby dub this tech porn. Shit should be banned.
and Samsung Gear that comes along with it. Admittedly, I really want the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so thank you Infinite for rubbing in the fact that I can't afford them. There is so much product placement and dicking around that there isn't even a story to be had (and barely a dance for that matter). It's just Infinite doing their thing and Samsung taking over the world with their amazing products. I really like that most of them aren't even doing anything too productive at the beginning. They're just too busy playing around with their technology and dancing. Although, they might have been working on fixing up their own choreography. 

And what about that girl that shows up for a mere 2 seconds at the beginning and the end of the video? It was like they were trying to go with something here but forgot to actually making a story surrounding this mysterious love interest. The whole video is just fucking around, staring at cell phones, and a little bit of dancing sprinkled at the end. 

Visuals: I'm not saying anyone in Infinite looks bad or anything but they just look so plain. There weren't many changes made since Destiny and honestly, they looked much better in Destiny with the cool make up and awesome outfits. I know this song isn't as intense or energetic as Destiny but they could have done something more to incorporate the smooth melody into a good story or something

This. This is good.
Dance: You don't really get to see much of the dance due to the fact that the commercial music video suffocates you with so much Samsung Galaxy that we don't really get to see much of any dance until they all get together and do a dance that is so obviously marketed towards the phone and gear that it hurts. They even do a dance with the phone in their hands (which made me worry about the safety of said phones) and when their final dance ends, their ending pose is with their wrists down and pointed in a manner that brings your attention straight to the gear on their wrists. There is, however, one small section that doesn't focus so much on the phone and gear and more on the dance. This is what the whole music video should have been like if they didn't want it to turn into a huge commercial. 

The Song

Unfortunately, the song sounds like your typical Korean boy group song but done in the style of Infinite. This makes the song barely stand out from other songs released by other groups during the year. Of course there are parts of the song here and there that I like but they're so small and dispersed that there is really no use talking about it. I'm not saying the song is the worst thing to ever clog my ears with the sound of someone taking a shit, it's just... meh. Infinite has done better and they can do better. 

So what do you think of the whole shabang? Do you like the song or do you share the same sentiments as me?

Also, someone please let me know whether or not this is a commercial. I am infinitely baffled. 

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  1. This is a commercial. I'm taking it as one. They're promoting Samsung Galaxy. I think? And yes. Now I want this yummy thing that they keep shoving in my face for 3++ minutes. It's like their Pepsi deal, except this one gets a full song and mv.

    /strokes my s3 and tries to stay in denial/

  2. I know that they're sponsored by Samsung so maybe they were like LET'S MAKE A SAMSUNG VIDEO AND CONFUSE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR FANS. XD It's the perfect method of advertisement because of all the handsome boys fawning all over these phones like their fans do at the sight of them lolol.

    I'm glad (yet sorry?) you feel my Note 3 pain though. One day we'll have one. One day.


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