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It hasn't been long since the release of Love & Girls in the middle of June of this year. It's only been three months and the girls have returned during their promotions in Japan to release their latest PV titled Galaxy Supernova. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!
[Warning: If you have a history of seizures do not watch this video. It's just seizure-tastic]

The Video
Theme/Story: We have another video in which SM continues to leave out the entertainment part of their videos. The video is actually disorienting as hell. All the flashing bright lights and colors actually hurt my eyes while I was trying to watch the video.

Space fashion never looked so good.
Visuals:  I'm guessing this is supposed to be a space-like theme seeing that their wearing cheap aluminum dresses in some of the scenes. Also, I'm sorry girls but the skinny jeans aren't matching the space theme you're trying to go for. You should have plastered more aluminum all over your pants so that you can shine like stars in the galaxy, galaxy. Oh!

Other than that chicanery, I suppose the visuals are good enough. They look like they always have (or rather, they look the same as the last time I saw them). Maybe they haven't had any extra plastic surgery this time around. 

Dance: The dance is interesting, I guess. It looks like your usual Girls' Generation dance. They decided to play it safe and not try to go outside of their norm like they did for I Got a Boy. However, the problem is that though the song was utter sh*t, the dance was amazing. Girls' Generation could benefit greatly by incorporating more complex dances into their videos. It would make them more interesting to watch. 

You can kind of tell how awkward it must be to dance in heels. If you pay careful attention, it looks to me like they might fall over at any point in the dance. Maybe they should take them off and dance around barefoot like Sunmi did in 24 Hours. It would be a refreshing change of pace. 

The Song
Okay so the first thing that was on my mind when I listened to this song was that it should be a commercial for Samsung Galaxy phones. For instance when they repeat "lookin at you" about a billion times, I thought to myself "well everyone spends most of their time looking at their phones. It fits". But if you want to get my real first thought when I listened to the song I was extremely cheesed off that they did the completely silent beginning again like Flower Power. I think it's a ploy to ruin your ears so that you can't tell that their are flaws in the song. You notice the silence and then you turn the volume all the way up and then BAM, all of a sudden your ears are bleeding and you can't hear as well anymore.

Sooyoung believes the situation.
I've spent so much time tearing everything apart that I forgot to admit that I actually find the song catchy until Jessica walks up and starts speaking in her awkward nasally voice "Oh boy, can you believe the situation?" and then Sooyoung walks up and blurts out "Yeah" and then walks away. I'm sorry (but not sorry) but I laughed my ass off when I saw that scene. The song would have been better off if they cut off that part of the song. 

The song aims for a catchy repetition that actually works well and despite the few awkward points of the song, I actually like the song as a whole. I've always considered Girls' Generation's Japanese releases to be much better than their Korean ones for the most part. 

So what did you think? Do you think this song is better than Girls & Peace? Comment below!

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  1. Yes - better than Girls & Peace. This is one of their best songs in a while - in Korea or Japan.

    They could do without those LED walls (it kinda fucked up the video compression), but the girls looked great in this.

  2. It's surprising how good they look in tight jeans when they each gave very little ass.

  3. Yeah I was wondering why the video looked so low quality. It makes sense that the LED walls were the reason why.

    I'd say that this is probably their best Japanese song since Paparazzi (God I love that song) at the very least. I'd say maybe since Genie as far as their Korean releases are concerned but I'm not 100% certain on that really.


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