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When a rookie group debuts, it will always be either hit or miss (but mostly miss) when it comes to whether or not they'll manage to garner some attention for themselves. Whether or not they manage to squeeze their way through the sea of other groups to get a chance at the limelight, some groups actually release some good songs. Throughout the year, I've been paying attention to new groups in the hopes of finding something new and interesting, Some have scarred me for life while others give me hope for the future of Kpop and this My Playlist Friday features those groups. 

Ladies Code - Bad Girl

Ladies Code is possibly one of the most successful rookies to debut this year with their hit debut song Bad Girl causing them to skyrocket in popularity. Later, when they released Hate You, they almost lost their groove but when they came back with Pretty Pretty, they not only redeemed themselves but managed to shoot their popularity up even further.  

Bangtan Boys - No More Dream

Bangtan Boys have proven to be not only talented rappers and singers, but they've also been involved in composing and writing their songs. Perhaps this is why nearly all of their songs have some type of meaningful message to it, specifically pertaining to kids being forced to follow the dreams of their parents rather than their own. No More Dream is not only catchy but meaningful. Their song N.O. isn't as good but it's still worth a listen as well. 

LC9 - Mama Beat

Who doesn't love some gruesome senseless violence with an insanely catchy song playing in the background? LC9 can provide you with just that with their music video for Mama Beat. This particular group comes from Nega Network, home of groups such as Sunny Hill and Brown Eyed Girls which gives me high hopes for this group in the future. 

History - Dreamer

History is another group that seems to be on their way to becoming a successful group with their song Dreamer being a tiny little blip on the Kpop radar but their more recent song Tell Me Love (which isn't that great in my opinion) was a bigger success than their debut song. Honestly, I think Dreamer is the better song with it's smooth vocals and harmonies that are extremely pleasing to the ear. 

Global Icon - Beatles 

I'm not going to expect Global Icon to be one of the groups of the year that will survive. Their debut song Beatles was a success and is actually quite catchy, though it could do without the massive amounts of auto tune. I was wondering if they were going to release another song or if they already have and today I discovered their second song under the title of Booshit.... booshit... which is probably why I hadn't heard of it (censorship and all that jazz). 

Honorable Mentions

There are none. I've made sure to watch every music video debut for the first half of the year and only these five really stood out. I went through this pain for you guys because I love you. 

But if you really want to see something horrid, watch Heart Rabbit Girls' Round and Round and Delight's Mega Yak.

Do you think there was a group that debuted in the first half of the year that I might have missed? Who has shown to be your favorite so far? Comment below!

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