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Last week must have had been a highly anticipated week for all k-drama lovers out there - Heirs and Medical Top Team  have finally premiered! To coincide with the aforementioned k-drama premiers, I'll be sharing some of the more memorable OSTs that I have heard from k-dramas all around for this edition of SSS. While it is truly the beautifully sculpted faces of the lead actors/actresses that resonates in the hearts of us humans for a rather long period of time, I believe that there is much worth in the OSTs of dramas as well. Because these songs are written to portray certain specific themes in their accompanying dramas such as nostalgia, falling in love etc, they are often times of high emotional and musical worth. Here are some OSTs that personally struck a chord with me!

I Choose to Love You - Hyorin (Sistar) from How To Love Smart

Sistar is known for their charismatic live performances, but showcasing her vocal talent in a different light is resident vocal prowess Hyorin with this beautiful confession song that makes you want to fall in love. There is a tinge of sweetness to her husky voice that sounds surprisingly light here and brings out the charms of genuine love rather well. 

In Your Eyes - Onew (SHINee) from To The Beautiful You

Though not the main vocalist of SHINee, Onew probably has the richest voice. This song, In Your Eyes, highlights the beautiful tone to his voice rather well. I like how even though this is a steady-paced song, you can still really hear the soul there is to his voice.

Goodbye My Princes - Monday Kiz from Princess Prosecutor

This is one of the saddest songs that I have ever heard. The whole mood and atmosphere to this relatively laid back ballad revolves around longing and leaving a loved one. Even when this song is written in the major key, the whole tugging at your heartstrings thing kind of begins from the first word voiced, which I find pretty amazing since not many ballads are able to do so. There is just this air of melancholy surrounding the whole song which brings you back for more. 

I Still Love You - Suzy (Miss A) from Big

Suzy's I Still Love You really amazed me in many ways. As a heartfelt ballad, this song needed much expressiveness on Suzy's part, and I thought that she brought out the emotions of the song quite successfully. I rarely hear this side to Suzy's voice (maybe because I don't really listen to Miss A's songs) but in this song, her vocals were refined and elegant, really pleasant to the ears. Especially when she hit that high note at the end of the bridge, it was like she had opened the doors to a new dimension, WOW. If there's any of her songs that could serve as best proof of her great vocal talent and wide vocal range, I'm guessing that it's this. 

Love is Like A Snowflake - Junsu (JYJ) from Nice Guy

All 3 members of JYJ have taken part in OSTs, but I do think that Junsu does ballads the best. In Love is Like A Snowflake, he once again kills it. His vibratos are really beautiful especially during the chorus, not excessive at all. 

Of course, beyond all aforementioned examples, there are many more well-known OSTs that are equally great songs. By Taeyeon the OST Queen, there's If (Hong Gil Dong), Can You Hear Me (Beethoven Virus), I Love You (Athena), Missing You Like Crazy (The King 2 Hearts), And One (That Winter, The Wind Blows) and Closer (To The Beautiful You). By SHINee there's Stand By Me (Boys over Flowers), Fly High (Princess Prosecutor) and Green Rain (The Queen's Classroom). 

Yup, and that's all for my takes on OSTs. I haven't really been keeping up with the OSTs from recent dramas, hence the lack of them. What are your favourite OSTs?

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  1. Agree. In your eyes by onew was amazing,his voice is really ..sweet(?) I dunno though but I'm lovin it.

  2. I just went to check out 'Hurt' and hey I really do understand what you mean by this song being emotional. This being the first time i'm hearing Ali's voice too, i find her voice to be quite unique and really suitable for this song. Especially with the background instrumentals so toned down, we can really get to appreciate the colour to her voice in this song. I know nothing much about Rooftop Prince though, maybe Yoochun might become big enough a push factor on his own for me to catch a few of its episodes when holidays begin.

  3. Haha i was kind of in the same situation as you when i was trying to describe his voice - its kind of hard to put in words what's in his voice that makes it so pleasant and soothing. Are you a fan of Onew? To sidetrack from OSTs a bit, Onew's other songs as an idividual apart from Shinee members also include One Year Later with Jessica (SNSD) and The Name I Loved with Kim Yeon Woo, not sure if they're known to you (:


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