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Since the beginning of YG Entertainment's newest survival show, WIN, I have been forcing myself to believe that there is no way in hell YG'd simply disband the losing team being that they have great talents and preferences to the audience. Yet even with my optimistic assumptions, the most horrific thing happened not even that long ago, Yang Hyun Suk guaranteeing that he'll disband the losing team of the survival show while the winning team stays.
Ovaries uncalm
I can actually somewhat fathom as to why he'd do that but please, what is the purpose? This survival show is a great way to promote the guys being that thousands around the globe are tuning in weekly and giving enough shit o vote for their faves, so why just throw 'em down like a two year old and its spaghetti? I have seen so many wrong things happen with the company but this is just the most crucial. I prayed to sweet baby Bobby every night that Team B (let's be honest, they're gonna lose) will have yet another chance but frankly, the prayers were unanswered... Which really sucks, you know?

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  1. I find it kinda funny how literal people are taking the words of Yang Hyun Suk, infamous troll extraordinaire, on this subject.

    There is no chance of both groups debuting now, but there is just no way in hell Yang Hyun Suk would waste the popularity of his trainees completely. Papa YG trolls, but his business sense is usually pretty solid.

  2. Stephanienluv TochOctober 14, 2013 at 5:38 AM

    I think that team A deserve to stay too..papa YG should keep both team for all the fans to be happy ..come on all the members are great they did what they had to do . the most important part is that the older teens for team A would be happy to have yg boys that are the same age as them .. they both have talents it would be nice to have two teams <3

  3. I don't know what to feel out this anymore i just want jinhwannie to be happy ))))))))):

  4. I agree with Sylarah. I think for sure, he will disband the group, as in take some members out or add more in. But he's spent money training them all these years and he's confident enough for them to debut right away. There's no reason for him to kick them out of the company. Just that that specific member combination doesn't have what it takes to be popular right now.


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