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It has been a really long time, but weekly wrap-ups are finally back, hopefully better than before. Some changes would be that instead of touching on many things, we zoom in on a few ones - basically choosing depth over breadth. It will also be more personal, and free-and-easy.It is still being experimented by me so comments are welcome!

This week, it wasn't so much the music or the entertainment that claimed the spotlight. Rather, as many of you would have known by now, it was the whole controversy surrounding Ailee and ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee regarding her nude photos being leaked online. 

News of the Week - Ailee's Photos
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To summarise how this whole controversy began in a few lines - 1) Ailee's nude photos revealed online. 2) Ailee's company YMC Entertainment acknowledges that it's Ailee in the photos + states that photos were taken as she was offered to be an underwear model but it turned out to be a scam and that Ailee had shared the photos with her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, who works in Allkpop and possibly the one that leaked those photos. 3) Allkpop denies so in response. 

Honestly when I first saw the censored photos, I was extremely worried for Ailee's career. She is one promising artist with so much potential, and this could really damage her career, more importantly her self-esteem as a person. I myself have never really been a fan of Ailee, but it takes no genius to know how hurting and vulnerable she must have felt. It is also usually these sort of incidents that drive people to the edge, if you know what I mean. For those reasons, it was immensely heartening to know that Ailee still had so much support from all around, one party being her fans who trended  #AileeWeSupportYou and  #aileeansloveailee on twitter, the other party being several k-pop celebrities such as her well-known celebrity friend Amber of f(x) who unfollowed Allkpop on twitter after this incident. Reading through comments all around the net, it's not hard to find that many are rooting for Ailee, myself included.

Fortunately, things are looking up for Ailee and that is strangely so satisfying for me. Right when the photos were leaked, it would probably have been the hardest point in Ailee's life, but judging by where things are headed, all this might just end up to be another trial in her life, sharpening her and proving to the fans how strong she is. 

On another note, I would like to give special mention to Dispatch here, because they have truly gained my respect for how they righteously rejected the photos when approached. Nude photos definitely can stir up quite a buzz, yet they chose not to because they cared for Ailee's ex-boyfriend and probably Ailee as well. They've got heart and this truly inspires me in this cold, mindless world. 

Event of the Week - MelOn Music Awards 2013
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The MelOn Music Awards took place on 14 November and here are the list of winners. It's great to see SHINee winning artist of the year, for they have indeed worked really hard through 2013 with their song releases coming one after the other. EXO also proves to be a group that is rising fast, winning song of the year with their popular hit Growl and being within the top 10 artists.

Picture of the Week - Quirky Loveable GG
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Video of the Week - T.O.P. and GD's Music Videos

Taeyang released his music video for Ringa Linga last week, and this week we're treated to music videos by both GD (Who You) and T.O.P (Doom Dada). It was hard choosing between the 2, so here's the both of them, where I would consider both music videos to be unconventional in a sense. T.O.P's black-and-white music video was rather bizarre while GD's music video showcased him in a more down-to-earth and fun yet cool oppa image, a stark contrast from his typical eccentric looks. While Doom Dada has yet to grown onto me, I found Who You to be very catchy and enjoyable even on the first listen. It's really great to hear GD sing. 

Song of the Week - Express 999
Straight off GG's alum I Got A Boy released early this year is this beautiful track that I would have otherwise missed had I not listened to their full album sometime this week. Express 999 starts out low, but immediately kicks up to an uplifting tune during the chorus which really surprises you on first listen yet draws you in to hit the replay button after the song ends. 

In the Upcoming Week - MAMA 2013
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MAMA will be happening on 22 November (Friday). It will definitely be a great day where our idols shine and hopefully get an affirmation to their efforts throughout the year. There have also been speculations that 2NE1 might possibly have their comeback stage there! Meanwhile, do check out our MAMA predictions!

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