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Miss A has been keeping us waiting for quite a while since the release of I Don't Need a Man last year. JYP Entertainment has been teasing us for some time about a possible comeback for a group and they've finally delivered with their latest song Hush. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!

The Video

Theme/Story: This is one of those videos that focus on the dance rather than any type of story to go along with with the meaning of the song. This is good only because sometimes you see companies trying to mesh the two together and ending up with a meaningless and/or confusing video with dance breaks that interrupt whatever terrible story they have going on. I'd rather see one or the other. As far as the theme, this is a lot darker than I Don't Need a Man but Miss A isn't the type of group to release bright, colorful bubbly songs filled with grotesque amounts of aegyo. I remember it being said at one point in time that because Suzy wasn't old enough, Miss A couldn't go with a more mature, sensual concept. Well now that she is finally of age, they can finally focus on a more sexier image, which works amazingly well for them.

Visuals: Like I said before, Suzy is finally of age which means a sexier Miss A! Of course, this isn't like Girls' Day bordering on raunchy kind of sexy, rather it's more of a classy kind. I've always thought of Miss A as a very classy kind of group and it's good to see that it translates well when they transition into something a little more risque.

Dance: The dance opens up with the girls behind curtains while Min dances outside and is soon groped by Jia and Fei (which I thought was pretty hot) and then transitions into Suzy's part. Soon after, they turn it up a notch by tearing down the curtains and then the real fun begins... Kinda. I'm not too impressed by the song. Other than the beginning, it leaves no lasting impression on me and parts of it seem a little uncoordinated. It's better than I Don't Need a Man's painfully simplistic dance at the very least.

The Song

I have always found Miss A to be a more refreshing group compared to a lot of other acts because they lack that heavy electric sound I'm so used to hearing in a lot of the more popular groups. I'm not saying that electro synth sounds are bad, it's just a girl needs a break every now and then. The song is actually quite good too. The vocals blend well together to make a harmony that's pleasing to the ears and I especially like the end where each member sings a part of the stanza line by line. The "yeah" interjected in parts of the song are a little bit awkward yet they somehow work well with the song. I like it but at the same time I don't like it. Maybe it'll take a few more listens before I can fully decide how I feel about it. There's also a part where they transition into a slower melody with a disgusting "uh-huh" that makes me cringe every time I hear it. Overall, the song isn't half bad, though it isn't exceptional either.

So what did you think of the song? Comment below!

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  1. I totally agree with you about the song. It's not a great song, but it's not a bad song. I don't really know what I expected their comeback song to sound like, but this wasn't it. I'm thinking after listening to it some more I can come to appreciate it. Dare I say enjoy it?


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