Posted by : AndiSweets November 09, 2013

1. f(x) - Step

f(x)'s album Pink Tape has a plethora of songs that are really good and Step is one of those songs that stands out among the others. Step is energetic, catchy, and all around fun to listen to. Part of me wishes there could be a music video to go along with it but at the same time, it's hard to imagine there being anything they could do to make a good enough video to go along with the song. It isn't necessarily a good song do dance to but it's still a good listen.

2. Afterschool - Let's Step Up

This one is less of a song and more of a performance. Let's Step Up is a unique video featuring tap dancing as the main method of performance. If I had the stamina to do so, I would definitely try to learn this dance Kahi opens up the dance with her solo is absolutely breathtaking and you don't see tap dancing often in Kpop. Hopefully one day, we'll get to see more videos like this in the future.

3. KARA - Step

Step is one of KARA's more popular songs that I really recommend you listen to if you haven't heard of it before. Step's heavy electronic sound and upbeat tone is a surefire way of brightening your day and giving you something to dance to. There's also an unnecessary amount of versions for the music video like a regular version, a close up version, and a white version (?!). There's probably even more but there really is no point in seeking them all out, just find one and watch it is what I say.

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