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Better late than never, Wonder Girls' pride and joy, Sohee, officially packed her bags and took the first boat out of the sinking ship better known as the Wonder Girls. She's always had an eye for acting and never wanted to be an idol like JYP forced her as, anyway, and therefore, pursuing acting, while the other girls including Sunye resigned with the company.
I'm happy for Sohee. I really am. Even with their last Korean comeback song, Like This, which in my honest opinion was loads better than two-thirds of the songs that came out that year, Wonder Girls have never been able to pick themselves up. And with Sunye's unexpected marriage and baby, the barely possible of reviving the group quickly turned to impossible.
Sohee and Wonder Girls had a lot going for them and when Wonder Girls ventured off to the United States, I truly believed they still had a chance until solely Miss A came to the beasts', JYP's, eye and the beauty turned from Sohee to Suzy. Wonder Girls were at the top and JYP sunk them to the bottom with poor management and care and therefore, Sohee who, as mentioned previously, wanted to be a actress all along, realized her as an individual still had time left and did not want to settle for that kind of nonsense.

Whether JYP will be lifted from their reign of idiocy, I really doubt it. They're about to produce a new group although they already have could-be-better groups that need management like Miss A, JJ Project, Sunye and 15& (arguably Baek Ah Yeon). They're already losing themselves with Wonder Girls and 2PM and should focus on the ones they have that are still fresh rather than the ones they have and are already sinking or the ones they're yet to have.

To sum, JYP is the worst company out of them all. They can't manage, they can't decide, they can't prove themselves and seems to be ran by a bunch of hooligans rather than wise minds. Now that Wonder Girls and KARA are coming to their close, it only leaves Girls' Generation and 2NE1 left. And being that their contracts are expiring within the next year or two, this leaves an interesting thought as to who'll be next.

What do you think of the Sohee news? And who do you think will be next to disband? As you know, comment below.

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  1. I totally agree that wonder girls are done and I don't blame Sohee for wanting out. JYP made them go to America during the height of their popularity in Korea which caused them to lose popularity and then they failed in America. Then when they came back to Korea they just weren't the same. And how the hell can you expect Sunye to raise a baby in Canada and maintain her marriage while being in a group in Korea? Its a wrap for Wonder Girls and I feel bad for their fans but that life.


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