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There's always a company that's rushing to snag the extra dollar and come up victorious in terms of revenue and popularity... which brings in revenue. But now, there's two, SM Entertainment pulling a YG and releasing their trainees and videos of them beforehand, trying to reel in the wallets before the product is even out while YG Entertainment is pulling an SM and sub-uniting the shit out of everyone, this time, with Lee Hi and Park Bom. And while there's endless 'ooh's and 'aah's and 'much sweg. such beauty. very no moneys. wowe' all over the fandom, there's also a bunch of hidden disapprovals that are just waiting to explode... and it all can happen on the comment section below.

My short yet still fulfilling take: SM Rookies. Seulgi's pretty and sings like Taeyeon... and is like Taeyeon. Probably Taeyeon 2.0. Others are boring to me. Too young and shucks, I'm not a pedophile.

BH - Interesting but I can't think in my mind how Bom and Hi can fit together.I just can't. It's weird to me. Their voices and their faces are just too different.

What's your take? Comment below!

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  1. with SMROOKIES, it just shows how 'idols company' SM is. All the videos showing those rookies are mostly showing how sweet and idol-like they are, which really differs from YG's WINNER. With WINNER, YG showcases how hardworking their trainees are, aside from showing the trainee life.

    With BH, kinda agreed with you. I just can't imagine the two working together somehow

  2. The two oldest girls that were introduced (Seulgi and Irene) look too much like each other. I don't think the new girl group is going to be that diverse looks-wise. Every rookie so far looks like a carbon-copy or morph of Donghae/Amber/EXO members.


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