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Wanting to catch up with Dispatch's great news of catching New Years couple Yoona and Lee Seung Gi on the role, Sports Seoul recently released pictures of Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho on a few dates and different from what they were previously doing which was straight up deny it (Jung Kyung Ho even made unnecessary, somewhat demeaning comments about his girlfriend) now that they have pics, SM has gotta go with it! So, Sooyoung who said she was "lonely" literally just one day before their dating news when discussing the SeuNa relationship and Jung Kyung Ho who jumped through tunnels and walls and originally denied it and called Sooyoung a "non-celebrity" (k-netizens having fun with this insult) are now getting praise from cyber-citizens but also hate for not saying something sooner and lying like rugs about it (the funniest was Sooyoung's lonely story just a day before).

Sure, Jung Kyung Ho didn't want to screw Sooyoung up and Sooyoung didn't want to screw Girls' Generation up, but well, like what most netizens said, no one really cares. I mean, YoonA and Seung Gi? They got praise, praise, praise. They only got "they match each other well" and all those bits and pieces. But let's be honest, Sooyoung matches her guy well but is she even at the level to get as much buzz as YoonA? Not really.

So there shoulda been confessing at the start of rumors... cause instead of her image going down with dating, it's going down with lying.

And yeah, celebrities lie all the time, yadda yadda yadda. But I just wanted to point out that I can understand the opposing view and the hate storm being thrown at 'em right now.

Sorry I'm not being "sugar sweet".

Nevertheless, love this couple. Love Sooyoung. Just wish it was easier to confess. Not to mention, Girls' Generation's dancing line seems to be the first to confess/have relationships. Hyoyeon, YoonA and Sooyoung... is Yuri next? And will Girls' Generation change their name to Women's Generation?

Comment below on your take of the whole SooKyung(?) couple!

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