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Last year on New Years, it was Girls' Generation's I Got a Boy. This year on New Years, it's YoonA's I Got a Boy... and that "boy" is none other than the guy with about a billion Nation's Titles, Lee Seung Gi whom revealed interest in YoonA years ago. Don't believe me? Even YoonA's entertainment company, SM Entertainment, who seems to deny everything or use their power to rid articles around the web that might 'hurt' their artists even accepted the news, this couple being not a pain but a blessing to both YoonA and Lee Seung Gi's image regardless of the idol being in Korea's power group.

PUT AWAY THAT PORN!!1 SM has unlocked their dungeon doors and you can get all the penis your heart desires, Taeyeon.

Even though Hyoyeon technically got the d first (was never confirmed by SM but we all know the truth) from last year, what's great about this news is that not only is it pushing Girls' Generation's "we're not girls anymore" image in ways that are more effective than just shortening their skirts and shorts, but it's also showing to non-idols that shit, all idols are getting older and are human regardless of how much botox they get and to idols that they should start dating whoever they want and make it public (though the trend of revealing relationships started sometime last year) because no one cares about it anymore as long as your happy especially since, let's be honest, YoonA was the last person of SNSD you'd expect saying she was dating someone.

YoonYul was fake so shut the fuck up you damn shippers

In the end, I ship this couple so hard and you should, too. Though most people are on their side I have seen a few YoonA stans shitting their pants as if she was going to turn old and wrinkly before she got some. She's not going to stay 23 forever. And let's face it, you're wasting your time getting pressed.

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  1. "the guy with about a billion Nation's Titles"

    damn, I love him *_*


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