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Do I really need an intro? The Gayo Daejuns are too damn long to watch all of them so here are the moments that I picked using my own damn time, blood, sweat and most importantly, time since I had to watch all three of those fuck shits fully just for you guys to be happy. Here are the moments that I found notable and ones that won't waste your time. It's listed in an order from YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS to watch this if you want, whatever.

CL & Hyori

I've always kind of wanted to see this kind of performance but honestly, I was hesitant when I first heard they were gonna collab. I mean Hyori and CL? Two of the "bad girls" of the industry collaborating together to either make one utter hot mess or one other fucktastic night? This shit has got to be good. And it turned out to be. They mixed both Bad Girls and The Baddest Female to make perfection... and I'm going to be honest, when CL came out and was like "My turn" after Hyori's bombastic Bad Girls, chills literally went down my spine. I was like 'ahhhhh shieeeeet'. Plus a bonus, no matter how many times you call CL ugly, she had a nip slip and I know you want to see that.

GD & Taeyang

When it started I just--
I couldn't--
I needed some air.
The performance was great, yeah. It was more than great, it was phenomenal. G-Dragon definitely killed it. I just couldn't help but gawk at the screen for the whole few minutes which is something I didn't get from any other performance on any of the shows other than Hyori and CL's.
The only thing is the mother fucking cameraman. Every 5 seconds he would switch to a dancing Minah or CL or the fucking immobile stage for the umpteenth time. Like shit. I was about to shit myself.

I was never really much of a KARA fan but after this performance, I was actually kind of teary eyed. They did basically every single title song as a last goodbye as five and the sensitive side of me came out despite me not liking half of the tracks.

Key & Amber & Kris & Chanyeol

I clicked on this expecting to be bored but it was actually pretty fun to watch. The rappers of nearly all the SM Entertainment groups that actually have 'rappers' all came together rapping and singing to G6. Though their Engrish was so... there despite two being from English speaking countries and Key being decent at English, I found myself forgetting about that and bouncing along. Not to mention, Key killed that shit, no doubt about it.

Tiffany & Key

They killed it especially Key except with that random dubstep solo shit. That was unneeded. The verse part was great.

Ailee & Niel

Barely anyone talked about this but damn, Ailee killed the show. Niel was okay but Ailee was clearly the saving grace of this performance. She sang way better than all the 'singers' from other groups combined and showed her strength and soul even after the terrifying scandal which is what everyone wanted to see.

TaeTiSeo & SNSD

Let's be honest, this wasn't the most exciting performance. But it was jazzy, it looked somewhat inviting and Taeyeon's boobs. They were so pushed up but they were the highlight of the whole Crazy in Love performance. Plus after, Girls' Generation had their first performance of Express 999. Kind of boring, too cause the camera man sucked so much ass that I could barely see what was happening but it was their first performance of the best song from their I Got a Boy album so we gotta showcase it.

Other things to watch if you're bored from the Gayo Daejuns:

B.A.P. One Shot... OPPAR PLS
Miss A Hush... it's getting hawt in hurr
After School without Polls...
G-Dragon's Crooked

In my nonbiased opinion, though everyone is flipping their shit at the camerawork, I have to say SBS's was the best, MBC was the second best then KBS. Sure, SBS was hella annoying but that was where all the fun and awesome performances was in the end.

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  1. I am biased in all ways, but EXO really is the one for me. I really enjoyed EXO Baekhun, Chen, DO and Luhan's vocal performance of Open Arms on KBS. They've performed it before but this one was really above all others. It was soulful, emotional, the harmonies were not bad and Chen carried the melody really well. EXO's dub step intro on SBS was also really impressive, especially with how they incorporated DO's vocals in the front, and then the to and fro thing between Chen and Baekhyun. It also wasn't too excessive a dance break (something I personally thought had happened at MAMA), but was of suitable length and was pretty well choreographed.

    On another note, I've always been a fan of SNSD, but I thought their performances this round weren't as good as they could have been, especially the dancing which was slightly lacklustre.


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