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A lot of the things that are going around the K-Pop world are either too repetitive to continually release article after article explaining my frustration, not that abundant in articles and information, in my opinion, to write multiple paragraphs about the issue or just simply too boring to post a blog post for you guilty scoundrels to read while hiding under your bed to recover from your recent fapping exercise. Therefore, to kind of wrap things up and to just cover all the topics at once, I want to write this post to just sum up my frustrations for your guys to read. If you want to comment below your take on just one of the many topics I discuss, do so as I love reading comments and love seeing your take on things regardless of it's all of the stuff I discuss or just a simple sentence.

Sasaengs Sells EXO Undies

Bitches ain't shit and they ain't sayin' nuthin
You heard it from me, folks. A crazy ass sasaeng fan snuck into EXO's dorm specifically for D.O.'s undergarmets, obtained those undergarments and resorted to selling those undergarments online for only $10 USD cash aka barely any moolah as well as hair stands on the undergarments. Not only that, the crazy ass bitch is planning to sneak into the dorm again to obtain Sehun's undergarments and sell that, as well.

I'm tired of talking about EXO, from the numerous articles we have already posted about their fuckery, it's plain and simple--EXO is in some real deep shit. I mean, sasaengs gaurantee money, yes. But sasaengs also gaurantee emotional distress, torment, paranoia and anything else that's bad.

Glamorous and she knows it.
So, if you have been alive for the past few months, you would have known that KARA first fucked up, KARA second lost two members then KARA third had Nicole look for another company. As seen on the poll on the sidebar of the website, a lot of people think that KARA really doesn't have that much of a chance. Now will Nicole have a chance? I wouldn't say she has much but she probably could have a small tremor of hope.

I mean, here's the thing:
She didn't leave with a brutal, huge scandal like T-ara's Ahreum who's still looked on by the Korean public years after the bullying scandal therefore, there's not much of a public push for her to continue the next step fo her career whether it's as a solo singer or in acting.
And she's not much of a singer. Nor is she a phenomenal dancer. Her role in KARA was mainly the rapper and let's be honest, a baby could have taken her place and no one would have noticed the difference since her rapping was subpar.

With that being said, Nicole, in my opinion, doesn't have much of a chance without KARA. And being that she left KARA with her previous holding company, DSP Media, apparently wanting nothing to do with her, in my eyes, she seems screwed.


Twerk. Team.
As mentioned before, Hwayoung has had the Korean public following her since the day she left bombastically from T-ara. Maybe she's not the best rapper (the position she held in T-ara) but hey, the public loves her and she apparently is pretty enough to go into acting (shouldn't acting be more about skill and not how good you loo--nevermind). I have nothing against it. Good job, Hwayoung. Make mama proud.

Ga In Fxxk U


Let's be honest--why is the song called fuck you and she openly says fuck you in the teaser. I mean, the song will probably be pretty good because it's Ga In but damn, how are the announcers/MCs of music programs going to announce her win if she actually does pull it to the top? No offense, Ga In, but in my opinion, that kind of title was sort of... attention-seeking? In before the pitch forks of Ga In fans. I'm not a hater, just an opinionater.

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