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Kahi, on Beatles' Code, no longer trapped in the bondage that was After School and no longer having to maintain and uphold their image since she is now a solo artist, revealed the unthinkable that is surprising most who are more than naive. If you're skilled in Korean, watch the video below:

Allkpop however, translated it, thankfully, and here is roughly the translation of Kahi's spiel about girl groups, obviously, basing her words off of the After School experience but sincerely talking about the majority of girl groups in general.

Shindong asked [Kahi], "Do outcasts exist in girl groups?"  

Kahi replied, "Of course.  There are outcasts and there are those who make a big deal out of various things and are unlucky for everyone else 'unlucky' used in this sense refers to someone that just comes off unlikable due to their actions or attitude to basically mean someone that you feel is bad fortune to you], those who deserve to get hit, and those who need to get their heads on straight.  There are those who really deserve to be treated affectionately, but how can I be affectionate towards those who seem unlucky for others?"

Mir asked, "Even in After School?"  Kahi replied just as honestly, "Yes. Even in After School, there are those members whom you can't help but love, but there are also those who do not have a presence like, 'Oh, she was here?'  At the time, I was the leader and about to graduate After School.  I had mixed emotions and felt pity.  I wrote [that post] when I was feeling that way."

To be honest, it's not that hard to believe. Idols are just as much singers and dancers as they are actors and actresses. They live behind a facade of perfectness and rainbows when in reality, they're probably experiencing the most painful menstrual cramps or they just got in a fight with their mother... they, basically, never have an actual 'perfect' life. And especially being that they are females, females being the worst type of people ever (sorry, feminists, but I'm a female so I kind of have the right to say whatever) and are too emotional and needy and all these other kinds of things, being bottled up with a group of girls in just one room for so long can get a little bit... hectic.

Just take T-ara for example as they took in the Beatles Code episode. Maybe there wasn't bullying going on but there was definitely some sort of ostracizing... even Jiyeon admitted it subtly:

We had been together for over 3 years, so Hwayoung might have had difficulties being with us. She probably had a hard time adjusting... We... made her feel lonely. 

I'm not even going to try to cover it up. I will bet my life savings (not really) that it happens in basically every single girl group especially once they start reaching 'sky high' fame. Members start getting pig-headed, jealous, more confident and louder than they used to be... compared to the beginning when they all knew they were in the game together but now as they start beating some levels, they realize the game is easier than they thought and they don't need the back-up, anymore.

There's probably just as much 'bonding' as we see on screen and on camera, but when the camera is off, the girls unlock arms, go on their cell phones and start texting or calling their 'real' friends, hence why many girl group members sometimes talk about their 'best friends' on camera, but when asked about the other members of the girl group they quickly reshape themselves and go with the "THEY'RE MY SISTERS!!!11" act. 

Regardless, it's not that hard to tell who's not really the best with their members and who in fact are the more social/interactive ones (take for example, Girls' Generation's Jessica as the least to bond yet Hyoyeon or Sunny is kind of all over the place) but we just have to understand, you know? Not everything is picture perfect and not everyone is going to like each other. It's kind of just how life is and we have to accept it. Plus, they still make great music together so who are we to become infuriated if someone's not as liked as the next?

If you want to leave a comment regarding this topic, do it below. By the way, readers, who do you think, in certain groups, are the more ostracized members? Who do you think Kahi was specifically referring to in After School? Leave your answers in the comment section below and I definitely will be reading them all.

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