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The Girls' Generation girls are falling down like bowling pins when it comes to revealing their relationships. After YoonA and Sooyoung revealed theirs at the very beginning of the year, it was almost every fan of the group was sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next person to reveal their relationship, Tiffany coming out with her relationship with Nickhun not even a few weeks ago, Hyoyeon revealing she had recently broken up with an actor literally a decade older than her and Jessica allegedly in a relationship with a supposed asshole which was declined by SM Entertainment since of course, there were no pics so it couldn't have happened.
On the side of the site however, since the beginning of April, there has been a poll in result of the company confirming Tiffany's relationship of the reader's view as to who would be the next Girls' Generation girl to reveal their relationship. And although there were votes for literally everyone who's name was shown on the poll (Sunny having only one vote as of now which was surprising to me), there was one name that stuck out the most:

Girls' Generation's Jessica, currently gathering more than half of the total votes while the second runner up, Yuri literally has less than a third of her votes.

But my question to you, readers, is why you picked Jessica? I'm not saying that isn't the person who I guessed--in fact, if I had to say someone, I would say Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny were going to be the next people in that order. However, I want to know your sentiments towards this topic because I am actually really curious.

Why, if you chose Jessica, do you believe she would be the next to release being in a relationship/why do you think Jessica is in a relationship?
And for the people who were not thinking Jessica, why did you pick otherwise and why do you think your person would be the next to reveal their relationship/are in a relationship?

Comment below in the only place you can comment--the comment box below.
I'm honestly looking forward to your sentiments.

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  1. For me, I had no feeling one way or another for who would come out with it first, so I voted on who was most likely to be dating at all. Personally, I picked Jessica for a few reasons, I'd be lying if I denied her attractiveness as one of those reasons, but definitely my main one was her apparently rough relationship with a lot of the members. Don't get me wrong, I in NO way think her relationship with the others is anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be, and I wouldn't even go so far to say they're particularly bad at all, but I will say that there seems like some distance, and that it seems to have been there for quite a long time now.

    My logic for taking this into account is that if she's not as close to the members of her group, she's more likely to look for friends outside the group than the other members, and the more friends you have - the more connections you have, the more connections you have - the more potential partners you have.

    Sidenote: My runner-up was Yuri, she just seems to have the confidence thing down, making her more likely to be comfortable coming out with the news.

  2. Honestly I was really surprised when SM let this news out because as we all know they denied the Sooyoung rumors for like a whole year. To me this was a strategic marketing ploy... I don't really think it matter who they are dating it was just to bring them back into the public eye because they had been gone for so long from touring


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