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In the late 2011, SM Entertainment deliberately chose to change a lot of of the Girls' Generation we once knew, which including things like their concept, the type of music they will be releasing (we were all shocked by the rap in The Boys) and of course their style. Along with their style, SM Entertainment took a huge leap with changing Girls' Generation's Sunny's hairstyle, letting her wear a wig to cover up her long hair and giving her a more of a "boyish" image as she, as well as her 8 other group members, promoted and dominated the end of 2011. Her hair was amazing, I have no bad comments about her blonde, boyish wig because she just fit the short, blonde hair style.

I Got a Boy teaser image

However, after the prolonged Korean hiatus, it seemed as if SM Entertainment has got tired of the same ol' same ol' blonde, boyish hair so tried to shake it up a bit. They've changed her wig color to uncommon colors not one, not two but three times and counting to if I were to say, hideous alternatives consisting of the colors of purple, green and her most current, pink. 

Sunny Grape, Sunny Lemon-Lime and Sunny Under-developed Strawberry

I'm usually not one to fuss about idols irregular colored hair, usually because most of the time it turns out at the very least acceptable and something that can grow onto my liking with getting used to... however Girls' Generation's Sunny on the other hand... not so much. All hair color alternatives look utterly horrible and don't match Sunny in the least bit. It's almost as if SM Entertainment is picking fruit of the week for Sunny to look like, with the revealed results of grape, lemon/ lime (they couldn't choose) and under-developed strawberry, the forthcoming replacements assumably not looking to good.
Moreover, with full honesty, I express my feelings and say that I feel sorry for Girls' Generation's Sunny. It's gotten to a point in which not only people who aren't fans of Girls' Generation have gotten more things to bash Sunny about, but also dedicated SONEs have even been begging to get Sunny's long hair back--or at least, the tolerable boyish, blonde wig. 
And as a final point, I would like to just assert that I wish SM Entertainment gets rid of the stylist who ruined Hyoyeon during the days before "The Boys" because he/she is working his/her way to not only Sunny, but other Girls' Generation members like Taeyeon and Tiffany.

What do you think of Sunny's hair? Do you agree or disagree with my hatred for it?

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  1. At first I hated it, but now I really like it....

  2. I love Sunny's hair, but I like the more natural colors. I honestly think the other colors are just a spray to accentuate the 80s style of I got a boy.

  3. I never said I didn't accept the concept change being that they're all maturing and even the leader,Taeyeon, is 25 years old.
    I just don't like Sunny's recent hair color changes. The blonde and brunette were alright, but after that, the pink, the green, the purple, the blue(?) don't appeal to me.

  4. I think her hair now is the cutest thing ever, is funky and lovely and that the band is changing for good and you should either accept it or leave

  5. I would like to see her grow her hair out and go back to a bit more normal colour. the blonde was okay but I think she looked best as a brunette or auburn shade.

  6. I agree exactly. Natural colors fit her even better than the others.. and her blonde and brunette were definitely her most tasteful.

  7. Hahahaha! I laughed at the names of her wig (Sunny Grape, Sunny Lemon-Lime and Sunny Under-developed Strawberry).... I really think that Sunny's cuter (and Prettier) with her long hair. Well I love her hair in The Boys. It suits her.

  8. Thanks :)! Exactly, she looked so good with long hair and even with short hair--during The Boys promotions... but then it started to get out of hand when there were hair colors that I could easily find in a bowl of Fruit Loops.

  9. Just no. She looked so much cuter with her long hair!!!

  10. Yeah, I agree - I liked both long and short hair, blonde and brown, but this is just too much even for me who loves Sunny from the first time I have seen her :(... I hope it will get better soon, though I'd like her anyway.

  11. Jay Michelle MinaApril 13, 2014 at 2:37 AM

    I absolutely love the crazy hair colors. I didn't too much like the green at first, but it grew on me. She fits the short crazy colored hair if you as me. It's quirky and just seem like her. I do like long hair, but sometimes it just bores me to have plain colored hair everywhere. Also, it's a wig, it won't do any harm to her actual hair and she can take it off as much as she likes.


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