Posted by : KPopRanter January 27, 2013

 “I wanted to eat some tangerines... but it was hot from being on top of the engine, so I gave it a breath of fresh air.”
First off, I don't know which is amusing me the most, the fact that A Pink's Eunji even tied tangerines to her car and said they needed "a breath of fresh air" or the comments surrounding this whole topic. At first, I brushed off the fact that she even committed this stupid act but then, after seeing people react and saying it was "no big deal", I have to say where I am on this topic.

On one hand, no one got hurt and that plastic bag is fucking stronger than Hercules however, on the other hand, we all know what she did was dangerous and honestly shouldn't be taken lightly, not to mention the fact that if that plastic bag had actually ripped and the tangerines were to have been flung out of there and let loose on the road, we all know the possibilities of another innocent driver to have gotten into an accident. Nevertheless, the fact that this even happened truthfully shouldn't be condoned in my eyes and clearly just an act of stupidity. 

I'm just sitting here, enjoying the view between the wars between Pink Pandas, brainless people fight... and of course, the view of tangerines crashing through my car window.

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  1. Eunji girl is so cute its stupid, or so stupid its cute?
    ps shes not being true to her group, she should be dangerously playing with pink fruit not orange fruit.


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