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On May 28th, the 'Queen of K-Pop' Lee Hyori released her third and final music video for her Monochrome album comeback entitled 'Amor Mio',  featuring the slow and soft voice of Honey-G's Park Jiyong. If you haven't watched the beautiful music video, watch it below!

After watching both the somewhat tolerable song and indeed monochrome video, Miss Korea, as well as the disappointing song yet not-half-bad video, Bad Girls, the second I heard that the video for Amor Mio came out, I was quick to check out the outcome of the third and final video of Hyori's Monochrome comeback. Finally, after giving the video a go, my assumptions, that the song would be average and the video would be sub-par, turned out to be more than true true.

The song
The song itself was average, the slowness of the composition being quite a noticeable change from the second comeback video, Bad Girls, and the first, Miss Korea. Though her being in the industry for an elongated 15 years and is more than just a bit late to just have started improving her vocals, to give Lee Hyori some props, her voice fit with Park Jiyong's to a T. Likewise, I was surprised to hear the small bit of Spanish in the song, the title 'Amor Mio' roughly translating to 'Love of Mine' adding a bit of spice to the song overall. 

The only thing that I want to say is that this song is one that will honestly get old after a while, the song being not that attention-grabbing.

The video
The video was more or less disappointing. Yes, I understand it's a ballad and the meaning of the song revolves around a woman who wants her lost love back yadda yadda however, did it really have to be a bunch of shots of Hyori running, singing and Jiyong playing piano? I have watched numerous other ballad videos such as Brown Eyed Girls' Cleaning Cream and Sunny Hill's Pray which have videos with more "pizzazz" in them... so why must I spare Hyori even after her 2 years hiatus? The video with no doubt could have been much better, the numerous close-up shots and continuous running unneeded and quite boring.

To Sum It All Up
After her 2 year hiatus, the queen, Lee Hyori, returned with an album accompanied with 3 music videos. Though the previous two had better visuals than songs, Amor Mio certainly was a bit of a change the song being much better than the video as well as the slow and soft ballad sound. Though I'm not going to let her off the hook for her lack of vocal skills and the lameness of the music video, I am going to say that this ballad actually at least worth one listen.

What did you think of Amor Mio? Comment below!

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  1. And likewise, I can also see why you like it. The track isn't bad however, I was just a bit disappointed.

  2. TheYellowSlug (@TheYellowSlug)June 24, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    I liked it specifically because it's incredibly bare bones (especially in comparison to "Bad Girls") but I can see where this could easily be considered half-assed as well. At least, it's a pleasant low effort product.


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