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Welcome back to another Confessions of a Kpop Fangirl post! In our previous posts, we talked about our girl crushes & boy crushes with such great love (or if I'd blatantly put it, unrequited love sigh). These crushes came about either through 'love at first sight', or after a long term of trying to like them and eventually finding them to be ideal. However, we all have that group of idols whom we have tried and tried overly, repeatedly to like them but to no avail. And even keeping ourselves in denial and convincing ourselves that 'oh i will start liking him/her/them if i watch that music video maybe 10 times more' and whatnot. After all, sparks can't just fly on anybody's will. Let's take a look at some of the idols whom the staff at Kpopranter just can't seem to like!

Tiffany: I just can't get any feelings for f(x)'s Sulli. Honestly, I never really have much feelings for any group visual (even the groups that top my bias list's visual is always my least liked member in the group). With f(x) Sulli's case, before, I had just a feeling of "eh, she's there" for f(x), not hating her but not liking her, however, after Sulli ranked herself within the top 10 most beautiful girl group members, my tolerant feelings towards her turned negative. Yes, yes... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but... in my eyes, I just can't rank her that high. Ranking her in the top 10 most beautiful girl group members is like picking your bias member in SHINee. I just can't.

I just can't like Super Junior's Shindong or Leeteuk, either. After what hypocritical Shindong said about fat girls and Leeteuk said about Miss A's skinny-as-hell Suzy needing to lose weight, I just couldn't anymore. I stopped trying. I like Super Junior, but I just can't like them.

JazmineI really hate Shindong from Super Junior, too, despite me being a fan and loving Kyuhyun. I really don’t see anything special in this cocky guy. After he said he didn’t like fat people, I really hated the group even more. Shindong is the fattest from Super Junior to start with and I don’t think this so called “losing weight to be healthy” was a good comeback for him. Super Junior in general has lost me as a fan for being so damn cocky. A girl 90 pounds? Are you fucking kidding me? You want her to be a freaking toothpick? I’d just say marry your damn hands and get your shit over with (excluding my baby, Kyuhyun).

Tiffany: Even though I don't like Leeteuk for calling Suzy fat, I don't like Suzy. I love Miss A. Really, I do. Ever since I saw Bad Girl, Good Girl I was instantly in love. And I might seem like a jealous fangirl or whatever, but who the hell gives a shit? Suzy gets so much attention. Too much attention. And though I'm not against her being the attention-getter, I just wish JYP Entertainment and AQE (a subsidiary of JYPE) gave the other members attention, too. Hey! Fei is there! Hey! Jia is there, too! What about Min? The rest of the 3 are extremely talented and beautiful girls but I barely ever see them except for the Miss A Fei's Dancing with the Stars articles. 

Jeana: Honestly, I thought about this really hard and I realized that I can't really come up with specific names of idols / groups that I just can't like because I have always kept my scope of idols really limited. I don't hate any KPOP group. So I shall pick some idols whom I just can't appreciate to be as idols, not taking into consideration their beautifully cute personalities off stage, though this will not do the idols justice.  

EXO has constantly been receiving much public attention ever since pre-debut times because they are under SM Entertainment; the first idol group to debut since the incredible success of f(x), SHINee, Girls' Generation and many more. I am a really big SM fan, no joke. But as much as I want to like those 12 guys, it works well but only to a tiny extent. I don't believe that they are deserving of this much attention based on their talents as a group. Sometimes I watch their performances and I really want to cringe because they are awesome dancers, no doubt about that, yet there's always this missing element of life, energy. Will their upcoming comeback prove me wrong? I hope it does. 

Tiffany: Same here. I hate too many people/groups... don't I? I never liked EXO either. It's just... too much work. Plus, in my opinion I don't really see much... difference from them. They're just another group however, the only thing that makes them popular is SM. I bet if they were under Zibidiboopap Entertainment (This entertainment obviously doesn't exist. just an example, guys) they would probably get as much attention as that spoiled milk in the back of your fridge. Yeah, I went there.

Elyssia: I don't hate anybody. Really. I don't. I think hating people is just too much work so I just stick focusing on the idols I love.
Am I a bad person for this?

Tiffany: Yes... Yes, you are.

JazmineI can’t stand companies that suck at management. I mean, really, SM? Having ‘star museum’? I mean, really, what the fuck? Do you need that status of your celebrity? I mean instead of putting your money in your stupid museum, give it to the kids in Africa! I really hate SM like all the way. SM learn how to manage; you have f(x), too... They give shitty songs to SHINee and SNSD, their Japanese songs suck like there’s no point in wasting time in Japan when they’re already famous enough.

Tiffany: I think their management with f(x) somewhat (only slightly cause f(x) has a show now!) improved however, with groups like Super Junior and EXO? Not really. Yeah, their songs are starting to suck. Dream Girl was great and I like Why so Serious? but the Dream Girl album songs weren't that great and Why so Serious was basically a repackage. They shouldn't have wasted SNSD's time with America cause The Boys wasn't great and their song Cheap Creeper for whatever the hell, was bad... like a Ke$ha or Miley Cyrus song. SNSD's songs in Japan vary. Lots of their songs are just remakes of Korean songs so... nothing new there! But I liked All My Love is For You, am tolerant of Mr. Taxi, Paparazzi and Love & Girls while Flower Power was by far one of their worst songs. I didn't like Time Machine though many people like it maybe just cause I'm not a real slow, ballad person.

Jazmine: JYP, I have to say most of my favorite groups come from you... but this company has got so much to post about. They are never on time with their debuts (TiffanyYG, too! Come on, YG!) and they always have been on hiatus. For instance, ever since Wonder Girls has debuted it's like a never-ending story. With the failure in the US, I feel like they have lost some respect. I also hate that JYP does really bad comebacks and it freaking pisses me off... grrahh! I want to punch you JYP!

Tiffany: Same here. Wonder Girls has just slipped from their American debut causing JYPE, who previously had Wonder Girls as their breadwinner, to slip hard, too.

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  1. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 6, 2013 at 5:41 PM

    Although this post may be old, I have this really itchy urge to share my own input towards this matter although it may have not been asked for. I.just.can' SNSD.or Kara. or T-ara. Or any girl group besides Ladies' Code for that matter. I really have no idea how to put it besides in a negative way(which I know will surely earn me some hate, but I'll embrace it gladly). For me, personality plays a big factor(stupid when they're idols and I'm supposed to be attracted by their music, I know) in how I pick my favorite groups-- but girl groups come off as too girly, and fake and just overall annoying and snobby and stiff to me. I just can't stand them. Ladies' Code, I just tolerate for their music but I'm scared to look further into them because I know something's going to make me not like them. As for BoA, I just can't stand her music or her voice for some reason. It comes off as too average and shaky to me-- I can't. And her music is just too...early 20th century for my taste. /end of long rant/

  2. I definitely feel you, tbh. I'm not really that fond of female groups either, my 2 favorite groups being Ladies' Code (hey, fellow Ladies' Code fan!), SPICA and 2NE1 to an extent while I might like some members of other groups but not the group itself.
    I actually agree with what you said about BoA, the only songs I really like would have to be Copy & Paste, Hurricane Venus, Eat You Up & Energetic... none of those songs I've actually listened to for more than a week after release o.O.

  3. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 6, 2013 at 6:08 PM

    Finally, someone who gets me! " while I might like some members of other groups but not the group itself." That's how I feel about Hyoyeon from SNSD, she's the only one who doesn't come off as stiff to me. She has a carefree and loose charm that makes me not dislike her, which is rare for me. That applies to Lee Hyori as well, although I admit she may not be the best musically-- her personality is something that makes me forget about the song I won't bother to listen to more than once. And ending on the BoA note, same as you, Eat You Up and Hurricane Venus-- although barely-- somehow managed to earn at least a repeat from me.

  4. tbh, it's weird to really LOVE everyone in a group anyway... even my bias groups like BAP--I "love"/idolize Bang Yong Guk and Zelo in a sense, like Himchan and are tolerable of the others. It's weird how people are like "YOU BETTER LOVE THEM ALL AND IF YOU DON'T YOUR NOT PART OF THE FANCLUB!!!111"
    Bitch, please. You don't either.
    True, Hyoyeon & Tiffany are the only ones I like from SNSD and the other ones are just there... I can tolerate some songs like RDR and most of their Jap. songs but the rest don't appeal to me since I'm not one for cute and aegyo concepts.
    Lee Hyori?
    She is amazing.
    Like really, I feel like she's the only person who's like her REAL self in the industry in a sense. She's inspirational and fun and really, just amazing.

  5. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 6, 2013 at 6:46 PM

    Although BAP doesn't exactly suit my taste, I also have a thing for Zelo but some tick said I wasn't allowed to because I wasn't a fellow "BABY" df? So I agree how people are all hardcore about "equality" (LOOKING AT YOU SONES) in distributing their idolization in a group, when the first thing they ask you is: who's your bias? Makes sense? I think not. The only song from SNSD I can listen to a few times and about is Run Devil Run and Gee because it's like a plague that involuntarily inserts itself in you without permission. On the other hand, if they thought they could win me over with their Japanese releases-- they thought wrong. But, that's just a matter of personal preference. Anywho, cute concepts are one that piss me off. No matter who it is that releases it, I can't with the exaggerated amount of sugar in my cup of tea that makes it wayyy too sweet for my liking. Lee Hyori, hands down, is my freaking fave. I totally agree with you, she's just so cool and laid back and lkdsjg;kjdsg. Anyway, bias aside, tl;dr: I can't like girl groups. I also can't like: k-dramas.

  6. (lmao i was actually thinking of sones, too)

    We're twins.
    I promise you.
    I cannot stand k-dramas.
    they are aspndsaind
    I think the only one I liked was Dream High but mostly cause I watched all it with my friend so ofc it would be more amusing.

  7. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 7, 2013 at 2:00 AM

    I've never actually watched Dream High, but the only one I tolerate is You're Beautiful. The first and last k-drama I'll ever watch. Some plots are interesting at first but get boring in a blink of an eye. And they have a terrible habit of dragging it too. Not only that, but they're too cheesy and sappy-- and the acting, too exaggerated and unnatural, UGH. Would you recommend Dream High?

  8. I agree, tbh! Most dramas are too cheesy and sappy and fanfiction-like... exactly why I hate them.
    Sure, it's not AS sappy and boring since it doesn't entirely revolve around love (that's a side story) and tbh, I didn't expect the ending. It's like... a drama of idol life IN A WAY so I think that's a good thing, too.

  9. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 7, 2013 at 1:33 PM

    Would you recommend it? I'm soon ending the one I'm watching right now, and I'm surely going to need an alternative for when I do.

  10. Really...Stop hating on groups. Please, focus on the once you like. If you don't like a group fine, just don't listen to them. But all idols are hard working people, and do not deserve hate. They really really don't, especially just because of one comments they said once on a show or something.

  11. Where have I ever mentioned I hate a group? Where. Show me one time in which I said "hate".
    I just don't like them because I don't find an interest in them or I don't like something that they did because it offended me. There's no "hate" given.

    Also, if you don't like it, there is no one forcing you to read this article.

  12. Tiffany: Same here. I **hate** too many people/groups... don't I
    Jazmine: I really **hate** Shindong from Super Junior, too, despite me being a fan and loving Kyuhyun.Kyuhyun. I really don’t see anything special in this cocky guy. After he said he didn’t like fat people, I really **hated **the group even more.
    ...I also ***hate*** that JYP does really bad comebacks and it freaking pisses me off

    Please reread your own article before claiming there isn't something in them that is....

    Regardless of whether or not you were the one actually saying these things, they are still posted on your blog and are really awful things to say. Idols actually do see this kind of thing sometimes.

    Sure I didn't have to read it, and I don't know how I found myself on this website, but if you can post such negative and hurtful things, then I don't see why I couldn't comment my own opinion.


  13. "Where have I ever mentioned I hate A GROUP?"
    Hate a group.

    A specific group, not just "I hate many groups".
    Jazmine is different with words, however, I never mentioned I hated a group, I am sure of it.

    How are they awful? It's stating an opinion? I never said "I hate this group because I just think they suck and should kill themselves" I put logical reasoning behind why I dislike a group, just like why I would dislike a peer at my job or maybe you would dislike someone at school. It's not as if I despise them and seriously, I HATE (had to say it) when K-Pop fans are like "WHY DO YOU HATE THESE PEOPLE? THEY HAVE FEELINGS, TOO". It's the same reason why you like the people or love them.

    I wasn't saying you couldn't comment. I'm just saying with the utter whining that I can't state MY opinion on MY own blog is odd.

  14. Jadirah Aaliyah LucasSeptember 15, 2014 at 2:14 PM

    Well that was a bit rude, i agree with Elyssia


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