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On today's K-Pop Ranter, the writers, Tiffany and Jazmine, will be discussing the constant changes in style in the K-Pop industry, beginning the new segment of K-Pop Ranter, #HadtobeSaid. We're going to be talking about the changes (mostly hairdo's) of famous K-Pop stars in a nutshell.

Jazmine: I used to love Sunny with her cute long hair and her innocent girl image but then she died her hair purple, pink, green and more and I am just "What the fuck?". Did she shake her bonbons too much or she was mental when she went to go get that hair dyed because she looks terrible now. Her style went from cute to horrible. 
Tiffany: Exactly! I hate it so much, I made a post about it. They need to stop with her hair. It's gonna fall off soon.

Jazmine: I want to talk about Hyoyeon. This girl is so talented but blonde does not go with you, honey . In Maxstep she was awesome but the blonde hair is so blah. I really don't understand everyone going blonde these days . I'm like "dude, what the hell? You look beautiful! Why dye your hair???" I don't know what has gotten into SM, but they need to change her hair style A.S.A.P. because she is a beautiful girl and we don't need anyone fucking with her hair and image.
Tiffany: Honestly, I like Hyoyeon more with blonde hair. Maybe because she supposedly "bloomed" *cough*got plastic surgery*cough* around the time she dyed her hair blonde for the second time which was around The Boys. She looked so much prettier, though. She rocks it.

Jazmine: MBLAQ's Seungho. Baby, I really love the MBLAQ, but his hair has been giving me the creeps lately. It went 
from normal to red. I was like what the 
fuck is going on? Like, he is so cute and adorable... maybe I can grow to love his hair.
Tiffany: I don't really know MBLAQ that well to judge Seungho, but I know MBLAQ 
enough to judge Thunder's new pink hair. He looks like a fucking highlighter. He needs to change that quick. Not to mention, with Mir's teaser photo for Smoky Girl is nothing but horrid.

Jazmine: Shindong. That son of a gun got me hating him. His stuck-up attitude and new image has me hating on Super Junior not to mention, he is the biggest in the group but has a bigger ego. I really hate the style they have been giving him and he does not deserve mercy.
Tiffany: "He does not deserve mercy"... is it bad that I laughed? Exactly, I don't like Shindong after what he said about fat girls. I mean, to be honest, he was my second Super Junior bias until that situation. Now, he sits at the bottom.

Tiffany: I also don't like Big Bang's TOP change of hair. He typically looks good with every color that he wears, but then he changed his hair to blue and I just couldn't even stand him. No.
Jazmine: TOP... Hm... Eh, I really don't have much to say about him. His blue hair stuck out but eh, I don't really care about his hair.

Tiffany: G-Dragon and Taeyang's hair has been a mess since their last year comeback and even some of Taeyang before. I can't even begin to explain my hatred for their hairstylists because it's so damn ugly. Like, they're very, very good-looking but adding that damn Mickey Mouse hair to Taeyang and that super bowl cut hair to G-Dragon was definitely a no-go.
Jazmine: Well, for GD, G-Dragon's hair has always been crazy and I loved the different colors. I think since it was a fashion promotion, it really did fit the style. I even enjoyed the 'MichiGo' hair... For Taeyang, I actually kind of liked his hair. It was pretty good in Fantastic Baby and Blue.

Jazmine: Speaking of Taeyang, I hate new Kai's hairdo, like OMG! Them freaking braids has me hating on him more like, seriously? What is SM doing with him? Like, shit SM! His hair is really screwed up.
Tiffany: It's like what Taeyang did but worse. Taeyang kinda had something going on there but Kai? No.

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