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During my numerous years of being in K-Pop,
 I have with no doubt, seen my share of stick-thin bodies, cardboard-flat chest and Snoop Dogg Lion's unforgettable yet blatantly true "Legs, thighs... but no biscuits". It's everywhere, from B2Y's Nara ruler and a 
half, 18" waist to SNSD's Yuri gaining a pound and everyone flipping the fuck out, it's undeniable that body image--more specifically, weight-- is one of the largest factors when dealing with female and male idols alike. In fact, weight is so important that it's not even that rare to see a Korean celebrity or two starve themselves in order to fit into those size -1 jeans. Weight is so important that it's not uncommon for a female idol to gain about half a pound and wear a push-up bra, but be called fat. Weight is so damn important that companies lie and claim that basically every. single. female idol is 45kg on their official profile when actually, though they're still toothpicks, weigh more than 45kg. With all that being said, what I'm really wondering is "what is the ideal weight"?
The problem:
When I hear of people talking about "ant waists", "45kg" and "a person being considered curvy however being as straight as a board" I just sit there, greasy ass pizza in hand, and say to myself: What the fuck is wrong with being of a healthy weight?, Since when was being over 50kg fat? and Maybe oppar won't sarang me after all... because these female idols (and male idols) are no where close to fat. Let's take for example Lee Hi, 2nd runner-up of the first 
season of K-Pop Star's, the goddess who is labeled as Monster Rookie and the singer of the amazing songs Rose, 1,2,3,4 and It's Over. After her transformation from her K-Pop Star days to the release of her song Rose, it can be agreed anywhere and everywhere that this girl is at most considered normal weight for her height... but even then, I have wtinessed numerous netizens complaining about her body no matter the pounds shed. Likewise, my girl, SECRET's Hyosungwas no where near fat. She had curves, she had tits... but still, it wasn't enough to leave the negatives comments away and keep her from weight loss. But why is it like that?

The transition:
What I think one of the leading problem's about this is basically Korean's image-centric views upon themselves and upon others. In fact, as stated above, I think weight is possibly one of the biggest things that is worried about, some proof through the revealed badmouthing from the Super Junior members Shindong and Leeteuk.
"Lose some weight, why can’t you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, ‘Look who’s talking,’ but I would reply, ‘I’m a boy and you’re a girl." -Shouldn't-be-talking Shindong
"Suzy needs to lose weight first!" -I-was-never-really-fond-of-him-anyway Leeteuk
Not only that, though those are just a taste of what's really happening in people's heads, there's other instances that are less offensive but more subtle. SECRET's Hyosung who lost weight in response to harassment about being a bit heavier (110lbs) as well as her begging her company to let her eat high calorie food, T-ara's Hyomin (as well as probably the whole T-ara if not every female idol in the industry) who was and probably still is starved by her company Core Contents Media, SNSD who claimed to gobble down the equivalent to around 5 and a half Big Macs (3000 calories a day) when we all know that's bull shit, 4 Minute's HyunA who went all the way down to 39kg (86lbs) for Bubble Pop promotions but skinny as fuck before... all these instances basically causing the larger and substantial question, as stated before, to hang above all our heads: What do you think is the "ideal weight"?

P.S. We need some more Zico's in K-Pop!

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  1. Wow. This article was perf. I just found you through antikpopfangirl and I can tell you - I just bookmarked your blog.

  2. Wow, you just made my day. Thanks so much!

  3. Sorry if it seems hostile... it's not meant to be hostile at all.

    I'm not against people who's naturally skinny either, however, with some (though they can be naturally skinny for example Sooyoung, Yoona, Goo Hara, etc.), I wouldn't say that if they weren't idols, they would be have the exact same body and weight. I mean, even if they're naturally skinny, basically all idols still have hours of exercising and excruciating diets to go through... and even if they don't hit the treadmill everyday like SNSD claims they don't and don't eat only salads for meals like Miss A how they said they ate bulgogi, they still do hours of dance which counts completely as exercise and they still probably eat low calorie food. Moreover, to just clarify and summarize, if they weren't idols, even if they were born with a metabolism as fast as a cheetah, they'd probably weigh at least a few pounds more.

    In addition, what I'm mostly trying to point out in this post however is the fact that people like Hyosung and Lee Hi are/were called fat and are doing anything to lose weight when, they are/were normal weight before.

  4. rochelle.bernard96June 24, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    Damn, this whole post sounds really hostile. But I think it's okay to be skinny if it's your natural weight, and you can't help it. It's also okay to be curvy, you shouldn't try to change it. I however,don't tolerate fatties at all.

  5. Just found you and I am loving the articles. They give a sense of insight and also concrete crytisim.

  6. I hate how K-Pop makes their idols be this stupid "S-Line" figure. Like, what is that gonna do? Especially with height and different body types.

    For example,

    Women A: Figure type- Pear
    Weight: 110lb. Height: 5'2
    Women B: Figure type- Hourglass
    Weight: 110lb. Height: 5'6

    Same weight, different figure and height. It's not gonna look the same, and I think K-Pop fails to realize this. Honestly, I don't understand the whole hype about Lee Hi's weight. She looked perfectly normal until she lost weight. So what if she has big thighs? What's the big deal? She's a teenager people give her a break, jeez.
    That example may not be realistic but it get's the point down.

  7. There are so many things to feel bad for idols really... Lee Hi looks amazing but still get negative comments telling her to lose more weight? that's crazy, in my eyes, she's perfectly healthy and is skinny enough ... :P

  8. I mean, I feel insecure about my weight. I'm short for a girl. I'm exactly five feet, and I'm in 8th grade. I'm kind of a fan of kpop. I weigh like 115 lb, but I work out a lot. Even though I'm kind of heavy, it's because it's all muscle. I play a lot of tennis, badminton, and I do karate. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with being heavy. What's wrong with Koreans? Being over 50 kg isn't overweight. It just depends on your height. Besides, it's not as if being over 50 kg while being like 5'6" is a crime, right? Sheesh.

  9. Keishini BalakrishnanSeptember 30, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    omg my zico!

  10. wow so true. just.... wow. 39kg for hyuna... that's how much i weighed in 7th grade!!!!!

  11. Zico!!! <3 He's got it right!!

  12. the thing is i understand crazy people on diets but some people naturally have a fast fat metabolism. i'm 16 and i'm 5'3 and i'm chinese and i weight about 39k (give or take). It is normal to be underweight without trying!! I eat A LOT of food and i used to drink pediasure (fat shake) and i still never made it on the weight chart!! don't diet!! if you have a fast metabolism thats great but if you dont then embrace the fact that you're normal and not considered a freak and get asked if you're anorexic.

  13. They don't see that starving these girls isn't the way to lose weight. If you starve yourself your metabolism absolutely sucks and then when you do eat normal means 500 calories or more, you gain weight immediately because your body has been starved for so long, that it saves as much food/fat as it can to stay alive. I have always been tiny 89 pounds 5'1 frame and people call me anorexic and I have come to HATE being this tiny. I eat a lot probably the 3,000calorie SNSD but I don' gain weight because my metabolism is so high. they need to introduce healthy diets and that will be the way to lose weight

  14. I think that this is a great article! I think it's okay to be skinny but not so skinny to the point where you're under 100 pounds. That is WAY to skinny, and just the thought of the idols starving themselves or eating one meal a day is absolutely crazy and outrageous.

  15. Well, it's not that i hate curvy body, but as asian i prefer skinny body with normal tits and nice ass. You know that skinny is our body standard, not curvy

  16. Damn, i wish i could eat 3000 calories without being fat like you. Do You know that every girls dream is having a body metabolism like your body? So stop complaining and enjoy your life

  17. How can she be healthy if she's been dieting nonstop for years...

  18. Also let's not forget the always surprisingly endearing Onew picking a not-stick-skinny girl from big mama (Lee Young Hyun I think) as his ideal type way back around his debut time. Basically he went all she has a nice voice and that's what works for me, the end. So bite me Leeteuk.

  19. Lee Hi looks Perfect.
    But I'm sure no Kpop Idol is actually Healthy at all,
    I won't be surprised when One dies because of it..

  20. Kpop Girls are borderline anorexic, How many would secretly suffer from Bulimia too? The Companies do not give a Fuck about their health. they just want them to be unnaturally skinny (You not all are that skinny naturally).
    Their Health is the LAST thing on their mind.

  21. I don't care if she looks perfect, I'm saying she is one of the most unhealthy idols.

  22. I mean, ^ this shows how everybody hates on girls who are skinny. I'm naturally skinny too with a high metabolism, and basically everyone will make fun of you for being skinnier than other people, meanwhile, if you're chubby and you lose weight you're beautiful inside and great, but if you're skinny you're automatically a whore and not so great...

  23. There's nothing wrong with a thigh gap, ffs Zico. Plenty of girls naturally have one. Its gross to have your thighs rubbing together.

  24. there is such thing as a ideal weight calculator lmao and apparently

    I'm just fucking right



    like damn skinny sticks ain't cute but I mean if that's the beauty standard in Korea then who am I to judge.

    we need more Zicos in this world bYE

    btw loving your blog it is on *POINT*

  25. I know this is old but the double standards on here is disgusting

  26. GReaT Article! ! WE NEED More from Zico and U Actually 😢😜


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