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Behold the most fabulous amazing extraordinary news of the century:

"YG, SM, JYP & SBS K-Pop Star Season 3 is ready to take all potential stars!"

Yes, you heard me loud and clear - SBS K-Pop Star is returning for a third season! Indeed, the golden opportunity to fight for a chance to stardom is back and possibly lying in the palms of your very hands.

SBS K-Pop Star is a singing contest like no other. Boasting of judges hailing from Korea's top 3 entertainment agencies, namely, Yang Hyun Seok of YG, Park Jin Young of JYP and Boa of SM, the return of this show is bound to be absolutely nothing but bigger and better than its last 2 seasons. Beyond that, it is where you as a participant can step out of your comfort zone, challenge new limits or boundaries and basically let your dreams take flight.

What differentiates this contest from other singing competitions is that it is the ultimate program to be on if you are looking to pursuing singing as a career - in the shortest period of time, it has the highest number of participants who manage to sign exclusive contracts. Out of Season 2’s Top 2 finalists, Akdong Musician & Bang Ye Dam have signed with YG. All of Season 1's contestants who made it to the semi-finals have signed contracts as well, including Baek Ah Yeon and Park Ji Min with JYP, as well as Lee Seung Hoon and Lee Ha Yi with YG.
If you can sing, dance, or just have pure talent, you are eligible to audition. 

You can become a star.

Need a little more courage and convincing before deciding to chase after your dreams? Here's 7 reasons why you should audition for K-Pop Star Season 3!

7. Why would you want to miss this guy?
The Simon Cowell of the show and YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, will be one of the three judges. You've seen his trolling secondhand... but how about firsthand? 

6. And his plastic pants?
One of the other judges, JYP Entertainment's former CEO, Park JinYoung, will be there... who'd want to miss this guy and his pants?

5. You get to meet, get trained by and perform with your favorite idols.
Vast performing opportunities are available out there for you, and training with your ultimate biases might not seem too distant a dream any longer. 1st season's shining K-Pop Star Lee Hi was able to meet her bias TOP as well as get trained by other members of the big 3, why not you!

4. Free trip to Korea, anyone?

Along with passing the primary audition, people get a free trip to South Korea to be able to perform on the show--did I mention it's free?

3. Free Korean language lessons, anyone?
Along with your free trip to Korea, in the K-Pop Star studios, they educate non-Korean speakers in the Korean language. 

2. You could end up like these K-Pop Star finalists: Lee Hi, Park Jimin, Akdong Musician, Baek Ah Yeon, Bang Yedam, etc.
Season 1 and Season 2 of K-Pop Star had their own success stories--why can't you be the next one with auditioning for the show?

1. Because they're coming to you!

That's right! K-Pop Star: Season 3” US Auditions will be held in August in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Send your application to the location closest to you.

 ATL Auditions ( /
                           Sonesta Gwinnett Place
                           1775 Pleasant Hill Road
                           Duluth, GA 30096
                           Registration Starts @ 8am
                           Deadline: August 3rd, 2013

 CHI Auditions (

                           Niles West High School
                           5701 Oakton St
                           Skokie, Illinois 60077
                           Registration Starts @ 8am
                           Deadline: August 3rd, 2013

 LA Auditions ( /

                           Edward Roybal Learning Center
                           1200 Colton St
                           Los Angeles, CA 90026
                           Registration Starts @ 8am
                           Deadline: August 8th, 2013

So, want to be the next, big thing? Audition for K-Pop Star USA today!

You can find more information at the official SBS K-Pop Star homepage and Facebook page.

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  1. I wonder what kind of deal Akdong Musician got from YG.

    Because of all those acts, Akdong stood to benefit the least from signing with an agency. They were already owning the charts, they self-compose their music, and they were already collecting endorsements.

    What did YG offer them other than a cool building to hang out it? I hope at least they have a very favorable profit split like Psy does.

  2. Well, I think Akdong Musician had no real choice--they won K-Pop Star and it seems to me that they're obligated to choose between the Big 3 companies.

    As said in a previous post ( SM would've probably shoved their shitty songs down their throats and gave them barely any musical freedom, JYP is great however, look where Baek Ah Yeon ended up (final 3 of K-Pop Star season 1) and Park Jimin (winner of K-Pop Star season 1) when comparing to Lee Hi (2nd place of K-Pop Star season 1) who both signed with JYP whereas Hi signed with YG. Not to mention, YG would probably let them compose their own music, give them great pay and of course, just let their ever-expanding popularity expand even more.

  3. Woah! I live in in AC 30096. I'm freaking out.

  4. I could totally do the Atlanta one, but I'm not ready for something like an audition. I can't even meet new people without panicking. I do have a friend who was almost admitted onto a singing show, but they didn't think they were confident enough to go through a national/internation show. I think they have practiced enough and could handle this, but I doubt they want to be involved in K-pop.

  5. All I can say is: face your fears because what if you have enough talent and appeal and yaddayadda to be the next Lee Hi but just because of stage-fright, you don't even try?

  6. I will eventually try. When I was a child the only activities I ever wanted to stick with were music related, but because my father was in the navy, we moved around too often for me to stick to my piano lessons or the singing I did in school. My parents were too busy to take me to lessons, and my family seems to have this thing against anyone getting a job in entertainment.They all have this ideal for what I should do and hardly support what I want to do, until I become successful in it . So, for now I really should practice more and become more comfortable in singing before auditioning for anything.

    I almost did audition for a company once (it may have been YG, I can't remember), but I found out about the audition too late to arrange getting there.

  7. Ah, I see. TBQH, I think parents are the biggest disablers for most people who have dreams of 'making it big'. Though I'm not a psychologist or a counselor or whatnot, I seriously just think: Screw it! If you want to do it, go ahead.

    Being that those auditions are yearly, you can always catch the next one :).


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