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Who said you liked K-Pop is just for the music? With the hot guys ripping off their shirts so willingly, the girls making these memorable 'I Want the D' comebacks and of course, the drop of song quality for the past few months in K-Pop... you need another reason to still be addicted to this genre! Even after the restless nights of staring at idol on the computer screen, the empty wallets of spending all your money on their merchandise and the indescribable fanwars you've got into or witnessed for something as stupid as height, we all can come to agreement that we have that certain someone in our lives and our computer screens that makes us go crazy... and that person is your bias. Of course, there's the derpy biases, the sexy biases, adorably cute biases and more... but are there just three simple broad categories you can place your bias in that correlate with a SNS and texting game?

Type 1: The One You'd Like to "Get to Know Better" aka Fuck
We all have it--the bias you like too much to throw them off a cliff but don't like enough to tie the knot with--the literally fucktastic bias. You don't see them as spouse-material because let's face it: When life gives you biases, you find a bias that's much better than them. Not to mention, they'd probably be way too annoying or simply too stupid to spend the rest of your life with, anyway, and is only good for some lovin'. These biases usually consists of the best-looking and most 'sexual' in a group, regardless of personality, lack of junk in the trunk or lack of bulge in the... compartment-ulge and usually correlate with your second bias in a specific group... sometimes even the first.

Type 2: The One You'd Seriously Like to Get to Know Better aka Marry

The one that you'd like to keep with them forever and ever or at least until you get tired of them and issue for a divorce--the marry bias. This bias is more based on their personality than their actual faces and is usually associated with your 'ultimate bias' in which you just love them to bits and pieces. Not always the best-looking in the group or the most sexual one (unless of course, you're a horny toad 24/7 and only focus on those aspects), they usually are the comical one that makes you laugh or is just strangely attractive to you in an odd way (reminds me of a pedophile).

Type 3: The One You'd Like to "Kill" and Don't Really Know Why They're Your Bias
They're usually people who are on the opposite side of your sexual preference or simply just not good enough to fit in the other categories. Like, you literally can't see yourself eloping with this person, are not physically attracted to them and frankly, you can live a happy, peaceful life even you didn't attend their concerts or buy their merchandise (said every poor, in denial K-Pop fan ever).

Ultimately, we all don't like K-Pop for the just music and instead, a lot for the people who's performing it. Though most entertainers are stuffed in groups and are positioned to fit their abilities (if they have any), there's always that one person who you look at differently and say with a straight, serious face 'that's my bias'. Though with choosing a bias, there's always an underlying reason as to why you picked that person specifically--maybe because you find them a good one-night stand, a good spouse or just a good person to acclaim your bias with no intent of committing any act of physical contact other than a hug for being a brilliant person but either which way you choose, they're still you're bias and that's really all that matters, right?

Who's your kill, fuck and marry biases? Comment below!

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  1. i know.. yongguk is your ultimate bias.. xD hehe

  2. I'll come back here if and when I decided who the fuck's my bias. There's seven. I have enough room for one. Only.

  3. wow STALKER! No jk lmao I make it obvious :p

  4. kill anyone who is the aegyo or aeygo person in their group and is over 16, you to big to be acting like a kid. its not cute. sit your big arse down. fuck heechul, only because he looks like he would be really funny in bed. marry, probably heechul again. only to torture him with sexual pleasures


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