Posted by : KPopRanter September 10, 2013

Here ye, here ye. Gather round, my fellow inhabitants of Netizenlandia for the most informative, substantial and excruciatingly important piece of information you will hear all day:

You are all little fucktards.

So if you didn't make the wrong turn in the wardrobe and headed to Narnia, you'd probably know by now that Girls' Day's Yura was accused of disliking Miss A's Suzy because of her eyes, netizens around categorizing her action as either a 'glare', the 'once over', a 'look of jealousy' and all simply having the best of times and the worst of times on their high horse while sitting behind a computer chair in protection.

What I'd like to categorize the action as? CTBOASWSHIDH which means Checking the bitch out and seeing what she has, I don't have i.e. the look of jealousy some people were talking about. We all (especially females) have done it so shut your legs and mouth and understand it from your experience as well as Yura's point of view.

There's always been someone who you rolled your eyes over to, looked up and down, around, sideways, zigzag and every way else simply cause you were seeing what makes them better than you. In fact, it's so common, it's simply involuntary and should be categorized as a natural instinct for human beings when they feel threatened or inferior to another person.

But does this mean 'ill-will'?

Jealousy should be categorized as something else than negative feelings towards another cause let's face it, we're all jealous of someone. I'm jealous of my best friend because she's taller than me. Do I hate her? I'm jealous of Tiffany cause she's a fucking member of Girls' Generation. Do I hate her? I'm jealous of Bom of being the epitome of perfection (fuck h8rs, Bommie, ily). Do I hate her? So why is Yura put on blame for this?

Of course she's jelly: this girl standing like an inch away is Korea's 'it-girl' at the moment, can control men with the snap of a finger and is more popular than everyone in Girls' Day combined. 

But should it be viewed as the most evil, vile and unnatural thing in existence?

I'll make you filthy peasants decide and pick her fate today.

All who thinks she's guilty, a scoundrel and a bloody witch who should be hanged say ye (you're going to the dungeon if you pick this one).
All who thinks she's innocent say neigh and get yourself a mutton since you're actually a level-headed human being.

Court is adjourned... or something.

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