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So the Woollim and SM C&C merge as well as the confirmed appearance of Woollim artists at SM Town World Tour should be well-known by now... right? Anyway, the commenter Kc157489 (man, you have a lot of numbers!) on the article pertaining to this somewhat 'issue' said this: 
"This whole merger is just SM trying to rule the world... this is SM getting woollim artists to [lessen] their competition and make more money." 
Saying the same thing on a different article as well:
It's official SM is trying to take over the world!!!!!!!!!!
I have to say this: I agree; SM's doing everything in their power (and they have a lot of power) to not only make more money but own basically the entire entertainment industry... putting their rivals and anyone else who stands in their way ten steps below. 

Although saying "rule the world" is exaggerated, it's a completely understandable word choice and something even I'd say because their actions seem only explicable as such, trying to dominate the industry and grow their already huge popularity immensely. I feel as if though 
many will claim it impossible for SM to change Woollim artists since of course, it's simply a subsidiary  SM's taking minuscule baby steps in doing so, inviting the newly signed artists to the "family's" world tour and prompting fans to see them as that new family member or neighbor in their perfect, little SM town however, once they see that the water is then cooling down, dive straight in and begin changes despite INFINITE's reassuring cries, claiming "INFINITE will stay INFINITE despite SM merger" because INFINITE is now simply the newest exhibit in the "star museum", alongside buddies Nell and TASTY and let's be honest--they have no say in what happens after this. 

On a different note, I'm not happy with SM going all out for our money and of course, attempting world domination (rumored they might attempt mergers with other companies) by taking out the smaller companies cause with the influx in acts they have to manage, I don't think there's anything good coming out on either ends... my recent manifesting beliefs that SM is a company that looks at only the now however, doesn't plan much for the future is becoming more apparent. And as inspired in the other comment reply article "SM is fucked when SNSD disbands", the groups they're getting and focusing on are really for now, to be honest, but after disbandment of all of them which seems inevitable and within the next five years, who're they going to look to? 

To conclude, the SM for global domination campaign is one I am not looking forward to--the merger with Woollim and incorporation of their artists being one thing yet their inability to look for the "who's next after my cash cows leave?" is another, yet, both being bad in their own ways and both damaging no matter how you look at it.

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  1. Wow, this is crazy you guys actually know I exist now lol.
    On another note I'm almost 100% sure that I'm not the only one that knows whats going on with SM entertainment. The people that think that Infinite is not going to change and SM won't be involved in their management are completely delusional.
    I also won't be surprised if SM continues their shopping and buys some other small companies. The backlash that they're getting might slow down their shopping spree but I'm confident that it won't stop at woollim entertainment.

  2. Fucking world domination, I swear. That sums up my feelings about SM buying every single successful non-SM entities which you know will happen faster than you can say Wingardium Leviosa. I'm ready (not really but it's inevitable) to see Infinite getting all the ~growth~ in the next 3-5 years.

    Hey maybe that's why I'm all gungho on K-Indie lately. At least SM ain't gonna buy off Saltnpaper or Poe or eAeon.

  3. I know people have been campaigning about The Benefits To Be In Smtown but as a previous fan, nope. No thank you. I'm cynical and jaded, sue me.

    But there's not many groups that fit into the bill just yet in 2013, so I expect to see more buys maybe in 5 years, because by then we get (even) more kiddies we call fans.

  4. Btw I'm seeing RTs on my timeline saying SM is also merging with Sistar, Mblaq and Boyfriend's agencies. Does that mean we'll see them in ~SMTOWN~ too? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

    Netizenbuzz hasn't caught that artivle out yet I guess. I wonder whether it's true or not.


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