Posted by : Kai Lin August 24, 2013

K-pop training life is a mystery. Though prevalent throughout most if not all k-pop entertainment companies, no one knows for certain what goes on behind the scenes. We've seen it being presented as an ever grueling and rigorous process that all have to undergo to even catch a faint glimpse of debuting. We've read first-hand accounts by current idols reflecting on their arduous training experiences - extremely limited usage of communication devices, inhuman training hours etc. Worst still, we've heard incidents of k-pop female trainees having been sexually assaulted by their CEO. Definitely, k-pop training life is mostly revealed to the world in such a negative light, but is this really a true representative of k-pop training? What is life truly like as a k-pop trainee?

Today, K-pop Ranter is here to present this rare and golden opportunity to all to submit questions you might want to ask the Paramount Music k-pop trainee, Lori Thomas.

Ask away all those questions that have been boggling you, or have been resting at the edge of your mind about k-pop trainee life, in the comments section below. We will selectively bring them up during our interview with a current kpop-trainee and you'll get the answers you need! 

1. Leave your questions in the comment section below and we'll transfer them to Lori Thomas!
2. E-mail if you're too embarrassed to say it down below
3. or tweet your question to @KPopRanter with #RantingWithLori 

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P.S. Please leave serious, non-spiteful questions. Inappropriate questions are just a waste of not only your time but my time because I'll have to delete them.

So what are you waiting for? Ask away!   

Find the entire interview here

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  1. Do they prompt you to get plastic surgery if you're ugly and if you don't get it, you can't debut?

  2. Is training as rigorous and competitive as they make it out to be? Also, as a trainee what do you do in your free time (if you have any)?

  3. Before you become a trainee for a company is it true that the contract you sign is literally a slave contract?
    Also have you seen situations of sexual assault or the bosses Taking advantage of the trainees?

  4. When interacting with other trainees, do you guys accord respect by age or by how long the individual has been a trainee?

  5. She's gonna debut in CHOCOLAT! yay! poor Soa though xD


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