Posted by : KPopRanter August 24, 2013

Not your typical Song Suggestion Saturday, I compiled a group of my favorite stages from the MNET television show, The Voice, both being covers of popular songs by Korean Pop groups and both demonstrating great vocals (even greater than the original's) in the simple minutes that they have. The first one is a sing-off done by Jang Eun Ah and Lee Yoon Kyung of season 1, covering Girls' Generation's Hoot in under 3 minutes, this has got to be my favorite covers of the song.

Next is the already-debuted artist Son Seung Yeon as she sang her version of Go Away by 2NE1. Why all the judges didn't turn around in time? I don't know, but she gets better as the song starts to pick up.

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  1. They're both better than 2NE1 and SNSD.....Sorry to say it to you blackjacks and SONES.

  2. I'd say that Taeyeon and Jessica are probably better than them.


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