Posted by : KimAngie August 09, 2013

*Whispers* I love you guys... but sometimes I can't with you.
World-renowned group, JYJ, has been chosen as ambassadors for the Incheon Asian Games recently.  Since last February, JYJ has been spreading awareness of the 2014 IAG as the ambassadors worldwide,
“For spreading awareness of the IAG’s across the nation and promoting it globally, we appointed JYJ who are gaining popularity throughout Asia as its ambassadors” 
as the organizing committee claimed. More on the matter can be found here.

The following is the line-up for the concert: 2AM, A-JAX, B.A.P, BTOP, EXO, FTISLAND, miss A, ZE:A, Girls Day, Bangtan Boys, Boy Friend, B2ST, SNSD, Super Junior, Secret, Sistar, MBLAQ, Kara, T-ara, Teen Top, and more. Notice, JYJ is not on the list. Is that fair at all? I think not.

What moochers. It used to be only the industry, but now, it's grown to the point where even the country has begun banning JYJ from public appearances. Does a petty company really have that much impact on a country (Yeah that's right, pointing you out SM)? It's just a robot factory, dammit, not the government center. Using JYJ to get the name out there, but throwing them away once the job is done?

What bothers me is that JYJ-- no, CJes is letting them take this. Just decline, you're obviously only making JYJ seem as though anyone can use them for their own selfish purposes and it's "okay" for them not to receive anything back. CJes just keeps letting me down with their deplorable management. I don't know if I'll live to see the day when they'll do something right. How hard is it to put your foot down and not take this subaltern treatment. 

When will you grow some balls, CJes?

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  1. SM has so much power in the industry... I heard they also payed the dude who was originally gonna film Do You Love Me to not film it o.O.
    It's a rumor... but if it's true, damn.

  2. Sigh. It's so freaking hard being their fan. The lines between what they can do, what they should be able to do, and what they are allowed to do is impossibly blurry. Times like this I sit back, close my eyes and listen to Epik High's Fan, so that I remember that Oppa doesn't know or love me, and despite whatever I think or say, the fact remains that I'm ultimately just a fangirl and all I have are my feelings......... therefore I should stay the hell away from drama.

  3. This is just sad.. They shouldn't put JYJ as ambassadors when they won't even let them perform or even invite them to perform...


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