Posted by : KimAngie August 09, 2013

What...are you doing?
It's come to my attention that SM C&C and Woollim Entertainment have officially merged to form one company. Rest assured, it's not SM Entertainment... although, it technically is. For those of you who are unaware, SM C&C is a subsidiary company branched off of SM Entertainment. Further on the matter can be explored here.

Woollim Entertainment, for those of you who don't know, is the company the beloved group Infinite belongs under. Not only has it successfully brought Infinite upon the Hallyu wave surface, but also, the company raised other famous figures such as Nell, TASTY, Epik High (now under YG Entertainment), and more.

With the merge, SM Entertainment will be in charge of international distribution while SM C&C will do its label business.

Hey SM! ...when will you stop? 
Let's think positively for a second, with this merge not only will Woollim Entertainment have the ability and security of exploiting its artists overse-- wait what? Ok that's not it, Woollim Entertainment will be... part of a big influential label?

I'm pretty positive that anyone--no matter where they are--who devours, suffocates, and drowns in K-pop will be familiar with Woollim Entertainment and its artists--especially their most famous act Infinite. So what are you getting from this, Woollim? Half of your profit taken away? Infinite loosing its color and releasing the same recycled SM box set for their next music video? Releasing lousy music composed by SM's surely 'creative' composers (5 bucks that their next song will be about the pain of menstrual cramps-- looking at you f(x))?

SM just won't stop until they've got the whole industry around their pinky finger... and I hate to say it--they're getting there. It bothers me that Woollim, who I truly respect, who got to where they are now on their own and who I was hoping would grow on their own is taking the short route and siding with one of the big 3--not to mention, the one I dislike most. Only to turn them into one of their perfect and over worked robots, Infinite, I predict, will not only loose their color but also their charm. SM should worry about promoting the artists they already have *cough*SHINee*cough* better.

Don't feed SM's greed, Woollim, you could have made it on your own better. Well, guess we'll have to see how things go from now on... or wait until they separate.

What do you think?
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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Yeah, that's basically everyone's reaction in a nutshell. SM better don't screw up INFINITE and Nell, ffs.

  2. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 9, 2013 at 3:48 PM

    Agree, watch them make Nell dance.

  3. Sounds more like a financial deal than a production/management arrangement.

    I doubt this hurts Infinite.

    It's bad for the rest of the industry, though. Just makes SM even more influential.

  4. It's official SM is trying to take over the world!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They say only the international distribution and marketing will be affected....... yeah right *roll my eyes*

    They say there'll be Taiwanese and Hong Kong version of albums which would be cheaper than Korean prints....... don't care I love my Korean print albums more

    They say a lot of things. I have to wait and see what changes are there with their next releases before I say anything; ie OGS con dvd (obviously), 2nd album (oh pls Woollim I'm waiting here), and possible solo works. As of right now they say musical colour and direction won't change. Heck even the staff won't change.

    Brb preparing my wallet. I'll try to not let my Junsu feels interfere with my Infinite feels.


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