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The red sheets are coming! The red sheets are coming!

It's the time of the month, ladies, and of course, our old article asking what girl groups do on their periods was finally addressed by a representative of the Anti-Bloody Stages Crew, Ladies' Code's Sojung.

From allkpop, the hesitant idol who opened up a quite sensitive topic revealed this (kind of long):

"This is a sensitive topic but when you start a diet, women experience something once-a-month. But I didn't have my period for close to a year. At first, I thought it was comfortable. But since I didn't have it for close to a year, I started to get worried. So I went to the hospital and the doctors told me that my physical condition became like the body of a 5th grade student in elementary school. They told me that my hormone levels dropped to the floor. I asked them what that means and they told me that my hormones are on the level of a woman who is going through menopause. I asked them what should I do? They told me that if I don't increase my body fat by 5 kg, I might have to live like that forever. Right now, I only have 5 kg (~11 lbs.) of body fat throughout my whole body. When I heard that, I realized that this wasn't right."

To summarize the whole thing, this girl without a doubt said basically that she didn't have a period for a year during her harsh idol diet and fucked herself up for osteoporosis in the future [for people who don't know, if you don't have your period for a long amount of time (lots of times from severe weight loss or underweight-ness), lack of estrogen causes the deterioration of bones and of course, osteoporosis in the long run]. Though I was just kidding with my article, finding a curious commenter by chance around the web of splash dancing women, one commenter said this a few months ago and answered all questions asked with yet another question.

do they even have periods...? considering the fact that they weigh like -2 lbs... 

So if she doesn't have a period, who's to say the rest of the idols like Sooyoung, HyunA, Hara, Dara and the rest have theirs?

Oh that's right, no one, but as a female (ooh, I'm a k-netizen nao. get my reference? no? okay.), I'd say that if she has missed her period from those conditions and isn't as thin as other beauties, beauties who weigh like -10 pounds probably don't even know what a period, comma and any other punctuation mark is.

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  1. OMG that's really scary! At least she took care of it. And that outro was hilarious XD


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